Silent Sham hearing in progress right now

Joe Killian with the Progressive Pulse is live-Tweeting:

They basically just admitted this thing was rushed to avoid the opposition they knew would surface after the deal was made public. I'll post a few more, but you should jump over to Twitter and follow it:

And here's my two cents:

Might be relevant but nobody pays attention to me, so...

I really hope someone brings up what I covered in my Tweet. There was no case until the UNC BOG paid that $74,999. Who does that? Who pays an opponent a pile of money so they can squeeze a much bigger pile of money out of you? I'm hearing Beth Wood is looking into this, so maybe that aspect will get some exposure.

What she said ^



Boom. Consent order vacated...

Unless I'm mistaken, that means that not only the money ($2.5 mil, $74,999?) has been blocked, but Kevin Stone needs to return the statue, as well.