"Sign ze paper, old man."

Binker gets the bum's rush out of a committee hearing:

At that point, the cop hauled me out of the room. He was nice about it and didn't really seem to want to do what he was being asked to. Because he’s kind of low down on the food chain, I don’t blame him for not knowing the finer points of public meetings laws.

The Sergeant at Arms staff should know better.

Sorry about the Cheech y Chong reference in the title, but I couldn't help myself.

Whether this incident represents an intentional effort to intimidate the press or future attendees, or was merely a misunderstanding by security folks remains to be seen. But I agree with the following wholeheartedly:

residents of this state should feel that they can come and watch their government in action without being coerced to sign in. What if some little old lady from the hinter lands wanted to come and hear about a bill that might affect her, but didn’t want to subject her name to the public record?


Your " Papers Are Not In Order Mark"

Shades of the Nazi Fascism here in North Carolina Republican Art Pope Paradise.......


The contempt the GOP leadership has shown towards the public is appalling.

Respect my authoritaahh!!


Can't get no respect.

Yesterday the N&O credited him as "Mark Banker". Now this indignity.

What Binker missed

Since Binker was kicked out of the health exchange meeting today I just posted an update. And he thought what was going on outside of the committee was ugly.