Shuler to be UT Athletic Director?

Politico is that Heath Shuler is exploring the AD post at his alma mater, the University of Tennessee. Not sure yet what to make of this.


Saw this earlier

in an article (somewhere else besides Politico) about how the GOP will redistrict him out of a job. I doubt Heath would be any more effective at UT than he's been in Congress.

Late word...

...from a Shuler staffer is that this is just white noise...Heath is gearing up for the campaign already.


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I know! Let's throw a hotair balloon at Heath

The usual disinfo campaign from the ne0-con right...UT is a republican strong hold in it's AD department and it's Presidency.. UT is trying come out of a corrupt or many losing seasons with it's football leadership..They have the Vince Dooley kid as head coach fighting a impossible rebuilding program.. The jumping of the Ship with it's last Coach for only one year to USC two years ago and the Men's Basketball program with the Coach admitting that he has done serious cheating over the years to keep his players at UT..It's big business at UT but Health can make MO money in politics, besides it is work as with any Major Sports Business program..and Heath is sorted lazy.. No doubt some Republican consultant has come up with this brain dead idea and as they is a test balloon that is full of republican bs air like most of their crap in politics..