Senator Dole is confused again (OLF)

Senator Dole,

Please ooo please take this and please paste it on your mirror so every morning when you wake up and get dressed you see it.


Repeat this as often as you wish.

Virginia Pilot. regarding the newly revealed sites in North Carolina.

It's certainly a positive step, but it's got to be a site that is comfortable ... and is approved by the people of North Carolina. I look forward to learning about the viability of these sites.

Senator, I know where my county stands, Perquimans County is a no. No we do not want this OLF because we know the military does not need it. We know that North Carolina does not have to pony up any lands to support the years of mismanagement by the Navy and cities of Hampton Roads with respect to the military mission at Oceana. Placing this anywhere near Perquimans is a no. Senator Basnight has said NO, no OLF anywhere in NE NC. Washington County and Beaufort Counties are NO. The city of Plymouth is a NO.

Senator, none of these sites are viable. While the Navy will be able to make a case for it, and will be able to show small impacts on people within the footprint,we do not want it.

Is NE NC supporting the military, you bet we are. Has the Dare County freaking bombing range been on a BRAC closure list recently because of allowed encroachment issues? How bout Oceana? Is there law suits pending in the $500 million range at any of the bases in NE North Carolina? We are and continue to prove we are a military friendly region and state. NE NC has done its part to foster that idea.

Senator Dole, the Navy stated that they are not looking for the next master jet base. They have that in Oceana and Oceana will be the base of the future.

Maintaining the state's pro-military apperance was critical for future projects, such as an East Coast base for the next-generation fighter jet, she said.

Under this NEPA process, all new and projected plans are to be incorporated for the decision. The next generation of planes will impact this process and the outcome of it. This jet base will impact this OLF process.

The military has to much capacity today at all sites on the East Coast. If a determination is ever made that a new East Coast jet base is needed every state on the East Coast is going to be stepping forward to host this thing. No one will give a dam that NE NC accepted an OLF to support the pro-military posture of the State. That wont be a factor.

If you do know about a new requirement for an East Coast base, you should be talking it up and selling it now.

I cannot accept placing this OLF anywhere in NE NC for the off chance that North Carolina just might get a jet base. The odds are stacked against us on that one. The odds are stacked against this region on that one. Also, have you asked this region if thats what we want?

I do not want to become a junior Virginia Beach. My county is laid back and slow because that is what we want. We do not want a population of 500,000 in the region. We do not want the road and other infrastructure headaches the Triangle enjoy. We love the fact that rush hour traffic means sitting at one stop light for one cycle and then you are on open roads moving to your home. We enjoy stopping on the road when our neighbor is coming down the road and chatting with him. The guy behind us understands and respectfully waits knowing we will end our conversation quickly for him.

An OLF goes contrary to that belief, a master jet base really goes contrary to that belief. Smart and planed growth is what we are after. Your vision of growth is not what we want.

The chair of this study group feels North Carolina is still the choice for the Navy. Wonder why?

Senator Dole, this adding of sites is "blazing new trails" in the NEPA process. Never has sites ever been added to a process this late in the process. We are in virgin territory. Navy spokesman.

One of the panel members made a statement that placing this OLF 60 miles away from the monetary benefit being realized is going to be a hard sell to the region. Senator Dole, you need to take this guys statement to heart.

By this article, it is apperant that your decision for this OLF is not based on the needs of this NEPA process but on potential future pie in the sky jet bases. You can fight for that base if it ever comes at that time.

Today, we need you to fight with us and let the Navy know "sorry, not today boys, you need to take your noise some where else. North Carolina will support the military in a different fashion at a later date."

A site equal distance between Oceana and Cherry Point was selected so that both site could benefit from the field. The Navy has stated that Cherry Point does not need this OLF to support the mission. And when they do come back and say, ooops we misspoke, ask them how many missions would be required to fly at this OLF. The answer is 163 at most. Cherry Point has an OLF to support their mission. With that, this second OLF is not required in North Carolina.

With that, please join us in this virgin territory and unequivocally state that this OLF is not welcome in NE NC. Remove any site that does not wish it.

Allow us to move forward with our lives and plan for growth in the manner we chose. Farm the way we wish. Release us from this nightmare. You can do that for us. Just tell the Navy NO OLF in NE NC. There is not any rationale now that the Navy can come up with that requires the State of North Carolina to support this OLF. Especially when it is to support the mismanagement around Oceana.