Senator Burr: Where is the shared sacrifice?

Last Friday’s Statesville Record covered Senator Burr’s speech at country club where he discussed his plan to balance the Federal budget by taking an axe to Social Security and Medicare.

“Reforming Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is essential to eliminating the massive debt in this country.”

Senator Burr couldn’t be more wrong.

First, as much as Burr wants North Carolinian’s to think so, Social Security doesn’t contribute to the deficit. Secondly, as for Medicare (and Medicaid), health care reform was an important step in controlling the future growth in health care costs – legislation Burr opposed.

“We have to be bold enough to reform Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security,” he said. “If we do it right, there won’t be anybody in America that won’t feel the effects.”

Burr purposely neglects mentioning that Middle America is already getting squeezed because of his longtime devotion to failed economic policy.

Just last year Burr vehemently opposed to extending unemployment benefits to those seeking work, yet he supported protecting the Bush-era tax cuts for the top 1%, one of the main drivers of our current and projected debt.

The reality is that the Burr plan puts all the pain on the backs of hard working, middle class North Carolina families.

So yeah Senator Burr of course we believe that Art Pope, the Koch Brothers, and Paris Hilton will really hurt financially if you carry through with your plan to gut Social Security and Medicare.