Winston-Salem Journal | Taylor: Cost for Flight 93 memorial has grown

"Taylor does pull it out every time, and everything I have seen indicates he will be able to hold on again this year," said Chris Cooper, a professor of political science at Western Carolina University. "He is viewed as doing a very good job of bringing home the pork," he said.

Except we know that's not true. Let's make some noise on this.


$1.16 million

Is the amount Paramount should be donating given the first weekend boxoffice of $11.6 Million.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

two maxims

i can't remember whether it was mao-tse tung or aldous huxley who wrote that "sixty-four thousand repetitions equal one truth", but this maxim certainly does hold true in this case.

another political maxim that works here: "the masses are asses."

taylor's done a masterful job of winding up the noise machine even before the primary. all we're hearing in the media is how wonderful he is at "bringing home the bacon", when anyone who is trying to eke out a living here in wnc knows that this bacon is merely a stale bag of beggin' strips. but if his base hears nothing but "taylor's great! he brings home the bacon!", they're going to believe it.

Time for a stunt.

How about we create a new group called Fakin' Bacon. We set up a press event to announce Screwy's findings on all things porkish . . . and then deliver a wheelbarrow full of rotten, rancid fatback to the steps of the (whatever) in Asheville. It's the kind of thing tv stations would love because of the good visuals. I can help with press releases, and I have a wheelbarrow you can use.

And maybe the Nahunta Pork Center will give us some rotten pig.

I love this

It has great potential. I can't spend much time on it today, but I think maybe the wheelbarrow of tripe, while apt, may be off-putting. Inviting citizens to donate packages of bacon (preferably a NC brand) that we then take to his office could be just as good. "Congressman Taylor, we're bringing the bacon to you. Despite your X years in Congress, we thought you might wnat to see what some bacon looks like."


The rancid bacon thing is poetic, but probably counterproductive.

What we need is a very skinny pig to represent the paucity of bacon Taylor brings home.

But first we need the numbers to back up the claim. Sorry I haven't been able to wrangle that up yet. Soon, my pretties, soon.

We'll certainly have an event of some sort - maybe coordinate it to happen at all of his district offices and his DC office simoultaneously or consecutively? I've got some newspaper and radio people I could call...

Scrutiny Hooligans -


here are some numbers...

they may not be exactly what we're looking for, but it's a start?

You can get the federal funding stats

You can get the federal funding by county for 2004 from the census bureau. It's called federal funds consolidated report.

I crunched the per capita numbers for the 11th a few weeks ago using estimated 2004 pop numbers and (extrapolating for Rutherford), but couldn't do any comparisons. I found that Yancey, McDowell and Jackson got the short end of the stick that year by a large margin. Buncombe getting over $7000 per cap and Yancey under $4000. I know McDowell has large numbers of registered dems but they don't vote dem. Of course, aside from Buncombe, Jackson is the only real dem county in the district . . .

This site, called tracfed, out of Syracuse does comparisons by county, state, and judicial districts but not by congressional district. They charge for comparisons but I think it might be worth the $50 for the Shuler campaign to look into.

NC gets more bacon

If you had checked the 2006 pig book, you'd see NC is up to 33rd. No pork is good pork and if Taylor would be as "principled" on other "wasteful spending" as he is on this memorial, he'd do a better job in Washington.

Thanks for the update

Does this mean we're getting higher on the hog?

Ooooo A

That was bad. ;)

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.