Screwy Hoolie Asks For Your Help


I read this article in the Asheville paper yesterday, "Taylor controversial but effective in U.S. House", which I though could have as easily been titled, "Taylor unethical and convincing people he's effective in U.S. House."

There a meme out there that Taylor has been extraordinary in bringing pork barrel projects into the district. But it's my sense that, in comparison to other House members on the Appropriations Committee, he actually brings home very little money. I've been reading about new university construction in Florida. Now that's some serious money. I've read about factory construction in other states. Big money. The only big ticket item Taylor's going to secure is the hugely unpopular North Shore Road or Road to Nowhere.

Here's the part where I ask you for help. I'd like to compile a list of the earmarks for NC11 and stack it up against the earmarks for the other districts represented on the Appropriations Committee. I'd like to find out if my theory is true: That Charles Taylor is an ineffective member of this committee while claiming to be very effective.

If any BlueNCers have any time to put towards this, it would be greatly appreciated. I won't be able to get at it until at least next weekend. Comment here or email me at scrutinyhooligansATyahooDOTcom.


I'll do some digging.


Next Weekend

is about my speed, too. Anyone have an idea about how to go about it?

I will check on the vets end But....

I will be tied up all day Tuesday, Working as Precinct Official and in my office Monday but will be working on it.

In The Truth About Taylor

In The Truth About Taylor you'll find Taylor leaves bacon in DC" which is a start.

My link is messed up but is the place to get info on federal monies to counties or judicial districts. They charge a fee and I haven't gotten into it.

I'd love for there to be follow-up on this.

Also, have you noticed how Taylor gets photos in every local paper in the district in the weeks before election with a big check to some local cause. I've never heard that even one of those check photo-ops actually resulted in funds coming to that cause. It's all a big lie.

Thanks Martha.

You are so great to be digging into all the weeds on this stuff. Very much appreciated.