"Say Anything" Burr deflects blame for credit vacuum

By attacking the underfunded Small Business Adminsitration:

“Isn't this what Small Business Administration is supposed to do — to be there to facilitate the capital needs of people who stand the chance of being successful?” Burr said later. “This renews my belief we need to review all areas of federal government for effectiveness.”

And this renews my belief that the voters need to review your damn voting record:

Marshall has criticized Burr’s record on certain bills, including his vote last month against a small -business lending bill, which has since passed.

"He voted against the help that small business wants and our bankers want because they need the credit," Marshall said. "They’ve got customers out there looking for loans … customers that they feel are valid customers with a good business plan."

That's Elaine Marshall, by the way, who should be up in DC right now instead of this lying sack of fertilizer:

Burr expressed concern over establishing a new $30 billion lending facility, which he said has been questioned by the Congressional Oversight Panel and means more government involvement in the private sector.

"This would have been a pretty good bill if we had just kept it simple by extending and expanding the loan programs currently available through the Small Business Administration, and enhancing loan fee reductions," Burr had said previously in a news release.

That's a classic Burr-ism: Use something as a crutch (the SBA) in one speech, and then attack that same something later, knowing good and well the MSM won't track the conflicting statements. And if anybody believes Burr would actually vote to expand the SBA's programs, I've got a bridge you might be interested in.

Another Burr-ism is to take advantage of someone's misfortune to try to score political points. When a business owner at this incubator brought up his financing woes:

Despite a 90 percent increase in sales and hiring four staffers, Evans can't find a bank or investor willing to advance him a line of credit to meet the demand for his product among major retailers.

Burr not only attacks the SBA, he uses the opportunity to also whine about the Stimulus:

Burr said that capital is a problem not just in Western North Carolina, but around the state and the nation. With a $14 trillion economy, the $785 billion federal stimulus didn't serve its purpose in generating job growth, Burr said.

Trying to get advice or obtain help from an empty suit like Burr is pointless. You'd do better calling one of those 1-900 PSYCHIC hotlines.


Silly me

I thought that commercial banks were there to facilitate the capital needs of people who stand the chance of being successful.

Of course that went away with the repeal of Glass-Stegall, and commercial banks morphed into speculators in derivatives.


The measure of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little. - FDR