Saturday News: Scammer-in-Chief?

JUDGE RULES TRUMP MUST PAY BACK $25 MILLION TO TRUMP UNIVERSITY VICTIMS: "Over the past seven years, our goal has always has been to help these everyday Americans move forward with their lives," attorney Amber Eck said. The Democratic New York attorney general said the ruling "will provide relief — and hopefully much-needed closure — to the victims of Donald Trump's fraudulent university." The lawsuits alleged that Trump University gave nationwide seminars that were like infomercials, constantly pressuring people to spend more and, in the end, failing to deliver. Political rivals used Trump's depositions and extensive documents filed in the lawsuits to portray him as dishonest and deceitful.

NUNES FACES ANGRY PROTESTERS OVER MISHANDLING OF TRUMP/RUSSIA PROBE: A California congressman under fire for his handling of an investigation into Russian meddling of the 2016 presidential election avoided a crowd of angry protesters in a Friday visit to his home state. Attendees said Nunes faced a supportive crowd inside, while outside on a busy street, roughly 300 protesters shouted, some waving signs linking Nunes to President Donald Trump and Russia. "Congressman Nunes, we need a guard dog not a lap dog," one sign read, next to a protester holding another: "Get out of bed with Trump." A man shouted through a megaphone: "Come out and play, Nunes, you coward."

OPPONENTS OF HB2 REPEAL BILL TAKE THEIR ARGUMENT TO THE NCAA: The N.C. NAACP and LGBT advocacy groups – Human Rights Campaign, Equality North Carolina and the National Center for Transgender Equality – sent a letter to NCAA officials asking them to keep the sports ban in place. “We call on the NCAA to oppose this shameful HB2.0 bill in North Carolina, and not to reward lawmakers who have passed this so-called ‘deal’ which is an affront to the values we all hold,” the letter said. “This bill is anti-worker, anti-access to the courts, and anti-LGBTQ. It violates all basic principles of diversity, inclusion and basic civil rights.” NCAA president Mark Emmert said Thursday evening that the organization hasn’t yet decided if the HB2 replacement adequately addresses its concerns. That decision will likely happen when the NCAA Board of Governors meets in the coming days.

LEE COUNTY SCIENCE TEACHER MAY HAVE BEEN POISONED BY HIS STUDENTS: "The headache and the nauseousness was the worst thing, and then later that evening, he had the abdominal pain, which he ended up at Moore Regional (Hospital) the next day for," Marie Jennings said. Lee County Schools policy prohibits Jeffrey Jennings from talking with the media. Another teacher told Jeffrey Jennings that some students had told her two students put dry-erase board cleaner in his soda while he wasn't looking, Marie Jennings said. "They had actually taken it off the desk, opened the cap, poured the expo cleaner, put the cap back on and put it back on his desk," she said. Three days later, he's still feeling ill effects, as well as worrying about going back to class, his wife said. "He has to go back and face these kids every day," she said.

WILMINGTON COP WHO TOLD DRIVER RECORDING WAS ILLEGAL GETS DEMOTED: Local news outlets report police records show that Wilmington police Sgt. Kenneth Becker was demoted to corporal Wednesday. The demotion costs Becker $1.38 an hour. The incident between Becker and Uber driver Jesse Bright was recorded last month. Bright is also an attorney in Wilmington. Shortly after the video was revealed, Wilmington Police Chief Ralph Evangelous and New Hanover County Sheriff Ed McMahon issued statements saying filming law enforcement is legal and encouraged.