Saturday News: Gestapo tactics

ICE GRABS DURHAM IMMIGRANT AFTER TRICKING HIM INTO CITIZENSHIP INTERVIEW: Samuel Oliver-Bruno sought to defer his deportation to Mexico after living in the United States for more than 22 years. Oliver-Bruno arrived at a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services office in Morrisville on Friday morning for an appointment, joined by his 19-year-old son, Daniel Oliver-Perez; a pastor at CityWell United Methodist Church, Cleve May; and other members of the clergy. May said once Oliver-Bruno completed paperwork, he and Oliver-Perez went to a line to be processed while May and clergy members stayed in a waiting room. “The next thing we know, several men jumped him, and Daniel clung to his father, and they were choking Daniel and trying to pull him off,” May said. Oliver-Perez, who is a citizen born in the U.S., was arrested and charged with assaulting a government employee; law enforcement officials said he assaulted an ICE officer.

NEW STUDY QUESTIONS VALUE OF ADDING ARMED POLICE TO NC SCHOOLS: The new study, which was released in September and publicized this month by the Brookings Institution, was praised by the Education Justice Alliance, a local group which called last year for the removal of all police officers from Wake County schools. The group says there should be less police in schools because black and Latino students feel discriminated against by officers.Letha Muhammad, the director of the Education Justice Alliance, said it’s a “kneejerk” response to call for more school resource officers after tragedies like Parkland. “I’m a parent,” Muhammad said. “I have students in school so that emotional response is a normal response for human beings. But we have a responsibility to dig deeper than our emotional response and look at the data and facts to see if our emotional response is warranted or if there’s a different way to look at school safety.”

DUKE UNIVERSITY'S NAZI PROBLEM NOW INCLUDES IDENTITY EVROPA: The most recent round of Nazi vandalism on Duke University campus was spotted Friday by a student who shared it on Facebook. "I wanted to inform the community that posters from the neo-Nazi group Identity Evropa were placed around West Campus either late last night or this morning," the person wrote. "Please be on the lookout for individuals distributing these materials and stay safe." Keith Lawrence, Duke University spokesman, confirmed that three such stickers were found. He said Duke police were investigating where they came from. At the beginning of the week, a swastika was painted over a mural to honor the victims of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting on the university’s "graffiti bridge" on East campus. On Nov. 1, fliers bearing the phrase "It's okay to be white" were found at both Duke and North Carolina State. A pumpkin with a swastika carved into it also was found near Duke's Gilbert-Addoms dormitory. A swastika was carved into a bathroom stall back in August.

TRUMP WANTS SUPREME COURT'S HELP IN BANNING TRANSGENDER TROOPS FROM MILITARY: The Trump administration on Friday asked the Supreme Court to allow it to leapfrog federal appeals courts in several cases concerning the president’s decision to bar transgender people from serving in the military. Federal district courts have entered injunctions against the new policy, but no appeals court has yet ruled on it. The Supreme Court does not ordinarily intercede until at least one appeals court has considered an issue, and it typically awaits a disagreement among appeals courts before adding a case to its docket. The Trump administration has, however, repeatedly asked the justices to hear appeals directly from district court rulings, most recently in several cases concerning its attempt to shut down a program that shields some 700,000 young undocumented immigrants from deportation. Like the ban on transgender service in the military, that policy has been blocked by federal trial judges.

TIJUANA MAYOR PLEADS WITH U.N. FOR HELP IN TAKING CARE OF MIGRANT CARAVAN: Manuel Figueroa, who leads the city’s social services department, said Tijuana was bringing in portable toilets and showers, as well as shampoo and soap. It wasn’t enough. “Because of the absence, the apathy and the abandonment of the federal government, we are having to turn to international institutions like the U.N.,” Figueroa said. Gastelum said Friday that the Mexican government has talked about sending 20 tons of resources to Tijuana to help but that three-fourths consisted of materials to reinforce the border and only 5 tons were for the migrants. The mayor also criticized the federal government for not taking more seriously President Donald Trump’s threat Thursday to shut down the border if his administration determined Mexico had lost “control” of the situation in Tijuana. “That’s serious,” he said. The migrants also were receiving support from local churches, private citizens who have been providing food, as well as various agencies of the Baja California state government, which says it identified 7,000 job openings for those who qualify.