Saddlecrack Pastor Picked

It was announced this week that Rick Warren, pastor of the famed Saddlecrack Churches of Southern California, will give the invocation on January 20th for Barack Obama's Inauguration. Warren is author of the bestselling Purpose Driven Life.


Everywhere I turn, people I respect are expressing disgust, disappointment and outrage.

What do you think?

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I'm trying to understand.

I suppose it's Obama reaching out to more conservative constituents. I have no problem personally with Rick Warren, I guess, but it's just a surprise to me. I don't know who I'd have liked for him to choose instead. Maybe Starhawk?


would be a nice choice.


But it would never happen.

By the way...

Could that picture be any more pretentious? Jeebus.

In my world (and my after life world)

humans that call themselves preachers, messengers of God, whatever/etc. are judged more harshly than the rest of us mere humans.

All I can do is hope.....

What picture?

I don't see one anywhere? Is it on a link?

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Old equipment I guess. It's

Old equipment I guess. It's right there now that I'm on a different computer.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

I agree

Do you think Obama actually had this made?

Or, was this more of the supporter-based work that was done? Little difference. BTW, I resized your image, try not to break our site in your hurry to be a jerk.

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Pictures of Obama

Well, it should be born in mind that LB' *ssholery has an upside here (eww, scratch that).

That is to say that I love those pictures.


A gratuitous slap at someone not Obama by an Obama supporter deserves a reciprocal slap pointing out the hypocrisy.

Not sorry if it torques your knickers.

Has that "buyer's regret" kick in yet?

Every time someone like you two calls me a jerk or an asshole (not *sshole you wuss) it makes me smile.

Source this

"... a light will shine through that window, a beam of light will come down upon you, you will experience an epiphany ... and you will suddenly realize that you must go to the polls and vote for Obama"

Obama supporters have no business mocking Warren's photo.

I know you're so disappointed that Obama didn't un-repudiate Wright, his pastor of 20 years, and have him give the invocation. I know you were looking forward to hearing "God damn America" during the inauguration. So sorry.

(I can't wait for the next hypocritical lecture about civility on this site.)

Hey, you're the one who invited it

I haven't said asshole to anyone in a long, long time. And wouldn't have done it here except for your invitation about how it makes you happy.

I appreciate hearing from you in general, though. It's instructive to learn what you think I think. Your guesses are rarely accurate, of course, but they are nonetheless interesting.

Tiny Unicorns

this picture of Warren reminds me of the scene in Napoleon Dynamite when the female lead (I can't remember her name) who creates vanity-type shots in a photographer's studio instructs her subject to imagine the air around him filled with tiny unicorns.

I love this.

Tiny Unicorns. Hee.

Speakin' of Jesus

I wonder how Jesus would feel about people telling others how Jesus would feel.

(Miss me?)


I think Jesus would be thrilled. But he would try not to show it. He's modest that way. I missed you! lol

Most do

Steve, is 'Saddlecrack' a play on words or just a typo? I thought the church name was Saddleback as in Brokeback....

PASTOR " BULL" WARREN! action! lights, sound!

I love that movie. Do you reckon Pastor Warren saw it?* lomaprietaleigh

Yep! Brother Warren saw the movie when it had it's grand opening in San Francisco at the "Horses" Bath House. In fact brother Warren play the part of a female Bull in the Background shots of the grazing scenes......A couple of those shots were remove from the movie when the movie director shouted action and Brother Warren mounted a whole herd of Male Bulls.. Brother Warren is now considering a new Brokenback Mountian movie since one of the stars pass on and is thinking of being one of the main actors as a wandering bull of the old west who was cast out by a tribe or herd of straight Bisons........


'Nuff said.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

I am outraged!

Who would have guessed an innocent typo would have resulted in such outrageous comments. Ok, so maybe it wasn't so innocent. I love you guys! lol

I do feel a little guilty

making humorous references about homosexuality, but that damned picture is killing me. If he is harboring any secret desires, he needs to listen to that inner voice. And he needs to listen to that inner fashion voice, too...

Yeah, I think the waves behind him

are moving backwards from the blast. :)

It is a funny picture, and the symbolism he's trying to pull off makes it even funnier. the fact that he's standing on the edge of a turbulent sea (with bible in hand) supposed to represent that he can guide you over troubled waters? Or part them for you maybe, ala Moses? And it appears he's (supposed to be) looking at God, but he's actually looking almost directly at the sun. So does he secretly worship Rah, the Sun God?

But you know, I don't have any business cracking on somebody for stupid poses in photos. One of the reasons I don't post pics of myself is because I'm an idiot. Take this one of me and my daughter backstage at a fashion show:

Talk about symbolism, jeez...

Thanks. :)

She's my baby, and always will be.

I just remembered something (else) funny about this. After this pic was taken, I went back to where my ex and one of her girlfriends were watching the show (we get along pretty good, most of the time), and both of them kept laughing at me. Finally I said, "Okay, what's the joke?"

"Nothing, we're just a little tipsy from the wine."

Later on, as I was leaving, I kept getting looks and smiles from quite a few ladies. Which (of course) I attributed to my dashing good-looks. Then I hit the bathroom before the drive home, and saw this huge red lipstick kiss on my cheek....

He's fair game, right?

Look...on a lib/dem blog, anything about some conservative right wing preacher should be fair game.

No need to feel guilty. It's what you guys do.

I'm a bit troubled by the little homosexual joke reference, though. You all DO support gays and lesbians, don't ya?

The best thinking is independent thinking.


A white guy says something negative about an African American. A straight guy says something negative about a gay man or a lesbian woman. It's a major issue.

A black guy calls another black guy the "N" word and a liberal makes a joke about some conserverative/republican looking/acting gay...and, well, not a problem.

Ever notice?

The best thinking is independent thinking.

It is a problem.

It's a big problem. I won't speak to African American issues; I'm not African American. I can speak to GLBT issues, and I'm telling you right now that it pisses me off just as much as you might think. I wind up letting it slide because the names don't matter as much as the issues, and I know that the men who are joking about Brokeback Mtn. now are the same men who support equal rights for everyone.

It is Pastor Warren who doesn't support equal rights. It is the majority of conservative Americans who don't support equal rights. So I have more of an issue with people who don't support equal rights and say ugly things about me, my friends and my family than I do with people who support me, my friends, and my family and occasionally make a joke. I make the jokes, too, though not usually in writing. (Most of my jokes are really lame, anyhow.)

Really Rick Warren is not

Really Rick Warren is not some kook. No he doesn't support gay marriage but then a majority of the nation doesn't support gay marriage. I don't support Gay marriage and I'm not a conservative. I can go along with civil unions. Hey if I'm not mistaken Obama doesn't support gay marriage. Please correct me if I'm wrong on that. Warren is a good man. A Purpose Driven Life is a very inspiring book. It was used by my congregation several years ago and led to a great increase in volunteer work. We can't all agree on every issue and an effort to vilify Warren is wrong headed and counter productive.

I'm a moderate Democrat.

Rick Warren is a kook

He equates homosexuality with incest and bestiality. That's kookiness right there.

I understand the politics behind the nod to Warren (meaningless symbolic triangulation), but I still find it offensive.

If Obama wants to demonstrate inclusiveness - or disagree without being disagreeable as he put it - let's have the Grand Wizard of the KKK on stage with "Pastor" Warren. I mean, we need inclusiveness of divergent viewpoints, right?

Did I say something offensive? KKK? So, sorry. Guess we'll have to "agree to disagree" Mr. Obama.


Gay Rights and Human Rights

are not the same. I think equating the lack of gay marriage rights to slavery, civil rights, or the struggle for suffrage, hurts the cause for gay equality.

they are simply not the same. There are loopholes to get around property inheritance and such.

Yes, they are not exactly what married couples have, but it is not equal to being property, segregation, or not being able to vote and hold office.

It is just disrespectful to many, and does not win supporters to the cause.

Thanks for emphasizing that gays aren't humans

Voting rights? Gays were assumed to be felons (in NC) until this decade. The specter of being a felon cast a pall over every openly LGBT person courageous enough to be in public life. Hear of Lawrence v. Texas?

The unconstitutional crimes again nature law is still on NC's books. A man was arrested in Raleigh LAST YEAR in his own home for violating this idiotic law - and had to spend over four hundred dollars to get out of jail and have the DA toss the case. Not solicitation or anything, just plain ol' crimes against cost the citizen $400 for no damn reason.

Loopholes to get around inheritance rights costs thousands in attorney fees.

How about having to declare your partner's heath insurance as taxable income - IF you can even get insurance for your partner? That's a key thing that married straights take for granted and costs thousands of dollars for gay couples each year. No loophole around that.

Thanks again for telling me what's disrespectful - your assumptions about the current state of affairs for LGBT folks or comparisons to the past.

Today matters more than yesterday, and tomorrow matters more than today. While you're spouting off about the past, educate yourself about today.


Gays are Human, but not a human race in themselves

Is there a case of someone being arrested for being gay? Lawrence v. Texas was about unmarried relations and never made it past common law, right? Where is this Raleigh person and why doesn’t a trial lawyer pick up the case for pay? It would be settled as quick as the prosecutor dropped it.
The loophole is in a will. Health insurance for spouses is meant for raising children and stay at home spouses.
I have no disrespect for gay individuals. But, I know it is not something accepted by most Americans, today, and tomorrow.
I am against gay discrimination, and so is the law. But, equaling gay marriage to that of a man and a woman, is something only a few will accept-and it would be suicide for a political candidate who ran for state or national office.
Being gay does not automatically ensure rights to marriage, I’m sorry…Obama would agree, and so would CA.

not really

"I am against gay discrimination, and so is the law."

Actually, the law is very clearly not against discrimination. Not even on the issue of marriage, but what about adoptions? and "dont ask dont tell"? and a whole host of other issues.

And, while you might be right that most Americans would be against marriage equality, how many would say that its ok for people not to be able to do something so simple as to visit their loved one in the hospital?

"Keep the Faith"

Don't ask/don't tell

I fully support gay/lesbian rights but at the same time am against gays serving openly in the military. Yeah, I know that sounds a bit odd, but I have a number of reasons I believe that.

Maybe it could be a subject of another thread.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

I fully support

...your right to speak freely, but will threaten to kill you or your eternal soul if I disagree with your speech.

Make any sense? Didn't think so.


That that what I think?

Is your post saying that "hey, if you support gay/lesbian rights", you should support EVERYTHING with regard to the "rights"...and not have the exception of serving openly in the military?

If so...yes, I understand why you question me on this.

The best thinking is independent thinking.

No you dont

Look just saying it doesnt make it true. If you support the LGBT community having equal rights then you would be in favor of giving them the exact same rights as everyone else. But you don't support them having equal rights.

That's within your rights as an American, but it doesn't make it right.

"Keep the Faith"