Rural Moral Monday: Burnsville, NC

Moral Monday in Burnsville (Yancey Co., NC)

The first rural ‘Moral Monday’ gathering will take place on Aug 19th at 5:30 PM on the Town Square of Burnsville, NC. Burnsville is located 30 miles N of Asheville, NC.

The emphasis will be on the issues that effect rural residents. Three local speakers will relate to education, voting rights and health care. Our special speaker will be Ken Tyson. He is the author of Blood Done Signed My Name. His books have won numerous awards, two have been adapted as films, and one as a play. He is the Historian for the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP.

We hope that you will support our effort to get out the word. If you can not be here in body, please be here in spirit and help spread the word.


Tim Tyson

Hi there.

Sounds like a great event. Tim is a great speaker and will be an inspiration to all. Hope you have an excellent turn-out and that the weather is good.


PS I won't be able to be there. If you have the chance, please put in a plug for BlueNC!



Sorry about the foul-up. I felt it to Wanda to connect with you. There must have been some communication crosstalk.


No worries

Sounds like you all have a great meeting planned ... and thank you for doing it. Be sure to take some photos and send along to us.