Run Romney Run

As smooth-talking Mitt Romney dashes into North Carolina today for a fundraiser, he has a new ad in Iowa and New Hampshire that stumbles on the perfect metaphor for his campaign: Romney running.

His latest dash is away from embattled U.S. Senator Larry E. Craig.

While other Republicans, including GOP presidential rival John McCain, are calling for Craig to resign, Romney has yet to give the same advice to the man who served as his campaign’s co-chairman in the Senate.

But that’s not the only thing Romney is running from.

Romney has sprinted through an endless array of flip-flops on everything from immigration to abortion to gun control to gay rights in an effort to convince voters to ignore his real record.

He’s even running from his tax-raising record as Massachusetts governor. Romney’s ad – which features him jogging near his summer home on New Hampshire's Lake Winnipesaukee -- claims he inherited a state facing "huge deficits" and "turned it around" without raising taxes. [Boston Globe Political Intelligence blog, 8/29/07]

But the Associated Press reported this week that on Romney's watch "Massachusetts led the nation" in new fees imposed on taxpayers. In just his first year in office, Romney raised fees and fines by $501 million, including $140 million in what Romney called business tax "loophole closings."

Romney earned the nickname "Fee-Fee" after increasing fees paid by the disabled, gun owners, people seeking training to combat domestic violence, used car buyer -- even horseback riding instructors. [Associated Press, 8/28/07]

“Mitt Romney can’t run fast enough or far enough from his dismal record as governor or his quick-change positions on key issues,” said NCDP Chair Jerry Meek. “North Carolina needs a president who will stand with the people, not run away, when faced with hard decisions.”