Rumors and what-not

We had a fine July 4th Celebration yesterday. Roughly 175 people showed up, most eager to talk politics on the heels of Bush's latest act of imperial arrogance. Here's what I learned from some of our many "insider" guests:

Presidential politics.

I met my first bunch of real-live Hillary supporters, all women. We had interesting discussions about the likely down-ticket impacts if she were the nominee. And I was reminded why I'm generally staying out of presidential primary politics here in North Carolina. We have almost no say in the matter.

Everyone wants to know who's running against Liddy.

One insider said this: Chuck Schumer may still be holding out for Easley or Cooper, but most people believe neither will run. That will force the race to next-tier candidates who haven't been tested in statewide races.

Grier Martin is already on the national radar and would be at or near the top of that list.

Speculation continues that Liddy may not be able to run. Despite all the rhetoric that she's ready for the big fight, close observers say she's nowhere near the top of her game. Most Republicans are out of touch with reality, but in the case of Liddy, it may be even worse.

This could explain why she's been even more invisible than usual. Whether she runs or not, the DSCC is very much focused on North Carolina and Liddy Dole is seen as among the most vulnerable incumbents in the nation.

On the legislature.

Several people say the stand-off between the NC Senate and the NC House on the budget is becoming more entrenched, made worse by the interference of Republican special interest groups like Americans for Prosperity and Tim Kent of the NC Realtors Association. Colluding wit the Realtors, AFP is objecting to discussion of the transfer tax in the budget negotiations, while also pushing to cut the so-called temporary taxes.

Everyone I spoke with has great appreciation and admiration for how Joe Hackney is performing in the negotiations. I hope he'll continue to hold the line and represent We the People instead of Them the Corporations.


Hi Anglico

Drama Queen, Mr DQ, Jerry Meek and I all hung out for a little. Saw fireworks on the mall.

Amazing display, and great Fourth of July

"Keep the Faith"

"Keep the Faith"

Guess your party was bigger than ours!

Let me know if you've heard anything more about Liddy.

You forgot Jerimee . . .

And I have no idea how to get my photos off my camera. You and Jerry and the Washington monument lit by fireworks in extremely poor resolution. Who would not want to see that?
News of the 10th district: See Pat Go Bye Bye,

You met real live Hillary supporters

I wondered if they existed anywhere but television. I'd love to have a discussion with them to see why they support her. Did they have any reasons to offer? (I'm sure they did, but were those reasons shared with you?)

They explained

but I didn't really understand. I mostly think it's the fact that they're all long-standing feminists who hate how Hillary got slammed because her husband was getting blow jobs.

That's a Stupid Reason

long-standing feminists who hate how Hillary got slammed because her husband was getting blow jobs.

JMHO - that was between Bill and Hillary and if they had it worked out between them, WTF should I care?

Once again,

you speak my mind.

I just saw a woman from Emily's list

on C-Span an hour ago. Apparently there had been some ugly comments about Hillary from females callng on the Republican line before I tuned in but the guest said there are many, mostly younger women who love Hillary. I think the prospect of a woman in the White House is intoxicating to plenty of people. They love that she came through the most despicable attempt at character assasination ever by the Kenneth Star cabal and went on to be elected to the Senate. My deepest hope, if she is elected, is that her progressive side will shine through.

She was a Goldwater Girl

before she became a hippie (or hippie "light" :) ). I was all set to file that under "youthful pursuits", until she dropped Barry's name in the debate before last.

And yes, I was a Teenage Republican (werewolf), who has changed quite a bit since the Seventies, and once you get past Goldwater's resistance to the Civil Rights Act and his desire to nuke Vietnam :o, he was a fairly sensible chap.

But I'm not sure I would expect Ms. Rodham to bloom into a tree-hugging Vegan. I don't think that's in the cards, as it were.


once you get past Goldwater's resistance to the Civil Rights Act and his desire to nuke Vietnam :o, he was a fairly sensible chap.

That's an awful lot to get past.

I don't understand Cooper at this point.

If I were him, I would be anxious to move UP to the Senate. Especially given that Easley could come back in 4 years to run again (right?) if the dems lose this year, and that Perdue or Moore would probably win reelection in '12 if they win in '08. That puts him in position to win in '16 with 8 years in the Senate.
Also, what about Jim Hunt, can we not convince him to run for the good of the party?

John Edwards is great!
- Sam Spencer, BlueNC, 7/3/07

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Hunt ain't runnin'

And my guess is Cooper would rather run against Burr in 2010 as a sitting AG. That said, there aren't going to be many opportunities as good as 2008 to unseat Republican incumbents.

I figure we have until Labor Day at the latest. But I sure wish we could get a candidate sooner. With every passing hour, we're missing opportunities for a declared candidate to capitalize on Dole's incompetence.


PS I'd drop my teeth if Mike Easley wanted to come back (which he could). From everything I've heard, he's done and ready to chill. Can't say as I blame him at all.

Counting his chickens.

You know by 2010 who knows what will be happening. Meanwhile, it appears that Dole is underfunded, perhaps mentally unstable, and we are in another pro-Democratic year. Cooper needs to reassess his chances and run, run, run.
Heck, in 4 more years, there could be a Congressmen from NC that has put the Bush administration in a bad light through his inquisition of their unfair science practices. Or, there could be a whole host of "ex" people that might run.

John Edwards is great!
- Sam Spencer, BlueNC, 7/3/07

Jesus Swept ticked me off. Too short. I loved the characters and then POOF it was over.

Does anyone know what Easley might do

if he doesn't run for another office? I've heard similar things about how he's ready to step back from the public sphere, but I'm just curious what he might have in mind.

With a state so full of great Democrats

Why is it so hard to find some one to take on Elizabeth Dole?

Look at the embarrassment of riches we have! We've got a former Governor who has charisma and experience oozing out his ears who would simply have to step up and say, you know, I believe I'd like this job, and it would be his.

We've got a current Governor who could win the race Easley. (couldn't help myself - I'm lightheaded from lack of lunch.)

We've got a great Council of State, any one of which could beat Liddy with a hand tied behind their back.Personally I'd be thrilled if either Elaine Marshall or Roy Cooper stepped up and said "I'll do it."

We've got a State House of Representatives filled with progressive, young, energetic new leaders who are more than up to the challenge.

For heaven's sake. Will no one rid us of this bothersome Liddy?

As much to your point of ridding us of this bothersome Liddy,

just having one true voice for the State of North Carolina in the US Senate would be a great service to all of us. As well as the REST of the US.

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!

North Carolina. Turning the South Blue!


I was being overly dramatic and not very effectively so.

The point is - we have a very strong "top" of the Democratic Party here. Someone needs to step up.

Mo - I am SO with You

next-tier candidates who haven't been tested in statewide races.

I'll take it. Whomsoever it is. I don't care as long as they aren't toxic. Old Carpetbagger isn't toxic, she just ISN'T THERE. She never has been and she never will be.

E.Dole does not give one shit about North Carolina. It is readily apparent. She didn't even do a good job for the Rethuglicans. What is there to like?


ETA: Why do I get Mo and lcloud confused? Your avs aren't even alike. Damn. Another one of those days...

In real life

we have the same first name and live in the same county. And I take it as a compliment to be mixed up with someone as nice as Mo.

Replaceing Liddy with a Dem will take more than a name we know..

The Repubs will not give up that seat without a fight, even if it means putting somebody other than Liddy on the Ticket.

The Democrat Candidate running will have to be dynamic and full of ideas. He, or she will have to be able to inspire even Republicans who are sitting on the fence.

The opportunity here is staggering, but only if the Dems field the right persona. Homey, downhome tv ads will not do it. We cannot make up a person. It has to be real. Leadership, example and inspiration must come from this person.

If we persuade an, intially unwilling, candidate to run; Will we then be disheartened when that person does not give 100%?

If you have to chase a person to make him, or her run, you are after the wrong person!

I love Jim Hunt. I have admired him for over 30 years, but he is not the one. Why? Because one who simply waits to be asked is NOT the one. Same with Easley. Great men both, but they arn't reaching....they are not reaching.

Let NC take this opportunity to really make the difference...really reach beyong our grasp..That person we all seek to defeat and replace Liddy is here in North Carolina and we may not even know him, or her yet. It can be great. As great as we are willing to make it. Lets not close the room to other considerations......I have known you folks for awhile...You are great dreamers...You want a greater America...You care.....Me too!....Dont allow fear to drive us. We must be greater than our fear!......Look outside the box for the one to replace Liddy.

Nice weather we're having...ain't it?

Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

Good to see you, Marshall

The Repubs will not give up that seat without a fight, even if it means putting somebody other than Liddy on the Ticket.

I say let 'em fight. Let them tell me one good thing Liddy has done for NC. There isn't anything.

Let's draft sc for her seat. He's smart if -A- won't do it.

You're already spoken for and I'm sure not gonna be the one.

Grier Martin

has intelligence, charisma, good ideas - why not him?

Grier Martin

We're not chasing Grier . . . he's giving it a long, hard look. As he told me recently, you don't jump out of a helicopter unless you know your parachute is properly packed.

Grier is doing great things where he is

and he will continue to do great things where he is and get better and better at it.

My cat's name is Skinny if you'd like to draft an unknown.

I know NC has more than two or three people who can make a difference ...

where are they?

Hi Unique..Hope your 4th was great!


Marshall Adame
2014 U.S. Congress Candidate NC-03

Sure Thing -

I was always told if someone says, 'It's a sure thing'
hold onto your wallet.

Is it different down South? ;)