The Role of Super PACs in 2012

I couldn’t be happier with how things have turned out with the ads my super PAC has created! Our goal all along has been to tarnish the Republican brand and to diminish the chances of the GOP’s only candidate who isn’t completely insane—Mitt Romney. Thus far, we have produced and run 5 negative ads targeted against Mitt Romney and his phony, plastic, non-conservative views. And we like to think that we have played at least a small role in helping Republican voters in the first three states commit mass political suicide by voting for Rick Santorum in Iowa and now Newt Gingrich in South Carolina. At this point, we couldn’t be happier if the Republicans nominated Rod Blagojevich as their Presidential standard bearer. The general perception among GOP insiders is that their party is in a state of chaos and that as weak as they might perceive Obama to be; you cannot beat an incumbent President with another candidate who is seen as widely detestable by majority of his own party. In other words, it is PANIC time at the GOP.”


Are you proud of this?

I hope your negative ads are not the hightlight of your career. That's not something to be proud of producing. Dirty tricks and sleight of hand gimmicks are shameful. Your note is very revealing.

I'm proud of it

Not that I had anything to do with the ads, but still. Progressives are at war with the radical right for the heart and soul of our country. And the American people have proven themselves incapable of making clear judgments based on positive attributes. How else can you explain Gingrich winning in South Carolina? The guy is a lying scumbag who "went negative" to stop Romney ... and yet a majority of evangelical hypocrites rushed to support him.

Negative advertising can tell just as much truth as any other kind of advertising.

I think the reason....

that Gingrich won SC is there are a large number of people who cannot bring themselves to vote for a Mormon. I agree Gingrich is dispicable guy. But using dirty tricks in advertising cannot be justified, it's intentionally cheating and lying. I believe these kind of tricks end up backfiring anyway. The ends do not justify the means.

Just who said what they ran was dirty tricks?

It was a negative ad pointing out all the negative qualities of the candidate. It is not
cheating and it is not lying.

Everything that the Dems do you view as negative, as usual. Why are you still here? Go away troll!

No I don't say everything that the Dems do is negative.

But so far everything I've seen you say is negative. You could say that you are a nattering nabob of negativity.

Why are you still here?

Don't you have any sense of honor? Can't you see you are not wanted here? Just go away.