The Rogue Poet and the ePod Band Plays Jester’s Pub

Okay, Mark Holman -
ASCAP artist, the earmarked air to color tonight is that which is laden in dynamics between voice and keyboard. Constructed songs that assemble and form with hues pulled from an Elf skirt or that brilliant comforter patchwork of colors shedding rainbows like porcupine quills. I must be succinct, engaging, and focused to the task of securing the proper shades so that people hear me over the comfort of their friend's voices. I need to be memorable. I need to entertain. That's a tall order for a Rookie who is still unsure of his ability. Still, everyone I am running into say they like my songs. That is all the
encouragement I need.

Jester's Pub, the biggie in Fayetteville Rock hosts an Open Mic that is part of my now growing list of places to share Holworks Music. I am the Rogue Poet after all, so I must use my crayon keyboard and colored pencil microphone to illuminate air. I plan on doing as many songs as they will allow as I have eight sequenced and ready to sing and play to. Those include, Spider Dance, Carolina Commons, Just When I Thought, Blue Opal, Rainbow to Your Heart, What Would You Say To Me?, The Aftermath, and There's a Chance. I did not have time enough last night to get through any of the others but will play free style if it comes down to more than I have here.

Jester's Pub? How lucky am I to get to play there? This will be the first time I have ever stepped in there as a musician seeking an audience. This is the first time Jester's patrons will get to hear the Rogue Poet or a Holworks song. Is it the last?

This is an important venture for me in terms of music. I need to get noticed. I need to make people stop and listen. I need to swell the tide until there are literally thousands of Rogue Poetsupporters following my every move. How do I reach the sublime conscious stream and embed myself there among the neurons? Is there a formula that I can apply to benchmark this psychographic intrusion with a neon air sculpted song?

Regardless of what happens tonight, I am ready to continue this journey. Music chose me. There is nothing I can do now except to break out the color chart and expose tangerine, maroon, and copper notes blended with azure words so that I might paint a masterpiece. Jester's Pub and Mark Holman, the Rogue Poetwith his ePod Band together for a special Thursday night that has never happened before tonight. Imagine that!!