Robin Hayes Lies Again.....and Again......and Again......

We knew it would happen. We just didn't know when. The latest attack ad is out and Robin Hayes has outdone himself. The new story he's telling is that Larry Kissell is guilty of running attack ads. Anyone who has paid attention knows that simply isn't true.

Robin Hayes is the only candidate in NC-08 who is running attack ads. The count for mailers is at four and the television ads are up to four as well, I think.

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Working For Change, had this to say earlier today.

Now, anyone who has a television in the 8th district and who actually watches that television during the evening news has seen the ads run by both the Hayes and Kissell campaigns. These 8th district television watchers know without prompting that the only candidate for the 8th district Congressional seat who is running a negative campaign is Robin Hayes.

While Hayes spends what must be millions of dollars to produce a variety of ads like the one depicting Senators Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy eating the Capital building and heavily pixilated pictures of Larry flashing across the screen with titles warning voters of impending tax increases from Washington Liberals, Larry is running two ads…one with banjo music and pick-up trucks and images of real, live, everyday folks from the 8th district talking about taking their country back while the other is a rebuttal to the Medicare D attack ad Hayes is running. Even in this rebuttal, Larry sticks to the facts of his position and stays away from smears, name calling and other negative tactics.

Come to think of it, anyone in the 8th district who receives mail knows that Robin Hayes is the only candidate running a negative campaign in the 8th district as the Honorable Congressman has sent out several different mailers distorting Larry’s positions on Iraq, Medicare and Taxes. The only mailer I’ve seen from Larry Kissell is a letter talking about poll numbers and asking for a campaign contribution.

Since we can clearly see that Larry Kissell is not running a negative campaign, where on earth does that Hayes lie come from?

A late fee. That’s right, a late fee. The FEC charged the Kissell campaign with a $210 late fee for a report that was submitted a few hours after a deadline way back before the Primary…and the fee was paid in full by the quarterly report made on July 12.

That's right folks. Robin Hayes has turned a late fee into being fined for running negative attack ads. The problem is, he's run so many negative attack ads himself that about 90% of the viewing public will see Robin Hayes for what he is. Robin Hayes had already established himself as a liar when he promised to vote against Fast track trade legislation a few years ago, but voted for it at the last minute, then he broke the same promise when he voted for CAFTA. Now, it looks like he's just adding fuel to that fire.

If we were to take a page out of Robin Hayes truth twisting book then we could look at Robin Hayes' votes in Congress and completely truthfully make the following statements: Robin Hayes voted to have innocent Americans killed in Iraq, Robin Hayes voted to bankrupt our senior citizens with a faulty prescription drug plan, Robin Hayes voted to force your grandchildren to pay off his debts, Robin Hayes voted to continue the highest unemployment in the state in several of his counties. See how easy it is? Is it fair? Is it accurate? If you are Robin Hayes, fair and accurate don't seem to matter.

For those of you who have not had a chance to see Larry Kissell's ads, I will post them here. They are a wonderful change from all the negativity coming from the Hayes campaign.


The Real Deal

Takin' Our Country Back

I'm Taking My Country Back, The Song

Now isn't that refreshing?! A candidate who promotes himself without denigrating or attacking others.


Hayes is in panic mode

He knows he's going down . . . he can feel it in his crooked bones . . . and all he can do is strike out wildly at one of the most decent men I've ever met.

Bye-bye Birdie.