Open thread

So much sadness.

Take a deep breath and get to work electing Joe. It’s what she would have wanted.



Let it go

I've seen hundreds of social media comments expressing hope that a few Republican Senators might decide to oppose a Trump nominee, and I've even hinted at that hope myself. But the realist in me says "Give it up."

Republicans will never put our democracy ahead of their self interest. They will never adhere to their own past words when breaking their promises is so easy to do. They have no sense of decency or honor or integrity. Hypocrisy is one of their best practices.

So yeah, let it go. The court will become a shithole and it will stay a shithole until enough Democrats get elected to change its composition. Until then, all we can do is (1) register more voters, (2) help them see the wisdom of voting Democratic, and (3) get them to the polls between now and November 3.

Nothing else counts. No amount of worrying helps. No gnashing of teeth makes a bit of difference.

Shake it off. Get to work.