Right to Serve Campaign in NC - Press Advisory

See detailed, Greensboro localized information regarding the Soulforce Right to Serve Campaign on MattHillNC.com's Soulforce Youth page.

On Thursday, September 21, 2006, four openly gay youth in Greensboro, NC, will answer the call to duty. They will attempt to enlist in the United States Army as openly gay Americans, a direct challenge to the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy. If these youth are denied the right to serve, for which they will not lie as a condition of their service, they and their supporters will stage a sit-in within the Army Recruiting Center. Greensboro, NC, is just one of 30 cities across the country taking part in the national Soulforce Right to Serve Campaign. On Wednesday, Phoenix and New York City will also take part in the Campaign.

Press Advisory
Tuesday, September 19

What: Four openly gay young adults will attempt to enlist in the Army. If rejected
because of their sexual orientation, they and their supporters will conduct a sit-in.

When: Thursday September 21, 2006. Press conference at 10:30 a.m.

Where: Army Recruitment Center
2404 Merritt Drive, Suite B
Greensboro, NC, 27407

Matt Comer, Jessica Arvidson, Alex Nini, and Stacey Booe genuinely want to answer the call to duty in joining the Army, but they will not lie about their sexual orientation as a condition of service.

Their wish to serve openly is a direct challenge to ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,’ a 13-year-old federal law that bans openly gay, lesbian, and bisexual persons from serving in the armed forces.

If they are barred from enlisting because they are gay, the four enlistees and their supporters will sit-in as a protest. Arrests are expected.

Greensboro is among the thirty cities in The Right to Serve campaign. This is a Soulforce effort of openly gay young adults attempting to sign up for military service across America this fall. Actions are also occurring in New York. Phoenix, and Austin this week.

Matt Comer, City Organizer, at 336-391-9528, matt.comer@righttoserve.org
Jessica Arvidson at 252-422-5009, jmarvids@uncg.edu
Alex Nini at336-682-5802
Stacy Booe at336-978-3052, booesl@guilford.edu

Website: www.righttoserve.org, www.soulforce.org

Soulforce Youth Office in Minneapolis:
Haven Herrin 469-867-5725 haven@soulforce.org
Jacob Reitan 952-212-8311 jake@soulforce.org



My hat's off to you and your colleagues for putting yourselves on the line for this principled stand. I'm proud of what you're doing.

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Thanks Anglico... if you can, you should show up to support us in the sit-in.

And to everyone... I apologize for my absence from BlueNC. With organizing this, with school, with Student Government and PRIDE! and trying to keep up with my own blog and other commitments (not to mention the fact that I am commuting back and forth from UNCG and Winston-Salem for school everyday and I don't get back home until close to midnight, if not later) I really have been short on time. Although I haven't posted much here recently, rest assured... I'm reading and keeping up with all the news!

Matt Hill Comer

Forwarding to friends, Matt

Thanks for posting this notice. Recommended to frontpage, too ;) and forwarded to friends who might be interested. Much love.

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