Rhodes v Tillis: GOP Family Feud

We've had a few comments on this race from Republicans visiting the site, so when I saw this posted on Charlotte.com, I thought I would see what interesting tidbits I could learn about the race.

I don't usually like to enter the Republican mind. It's a dark scary place, full of cobwebs, traps and noxious gasses. (Remember, I have personal experience with trying to figure out the Republican mind since I'm married to one.)

Find out what's so odd about this one below the fold..

Rep. John Rhodes is rated the least effective Representative in the N.C. House by the N.C. Center for Public Policy Research and he's proud of it. Yes, that's right, proud to be ineffective.

You see, in his warped way of thinking, that makes him good.

"You could also say I'm the least likely to participate in corruption and the fleecing of the North Carolina taxpayer," says the Huntersville Republican. "Being called effective in a corrupt environment is not an honorable thing."

I will admit that I haven't followed this race very closely, but I have followed some others. Rhodes seems to be the only guy labeling the entire NC House as corrupt. He doesn't distinguish between Republicans and Democrats - just labels the whole durned thing corrupt.

I know that someone has to be labeled as least effective, but doesn't it seem like that would be the person voters and fellow Representatives would want to replace with someone fresh? It might seem that way, but believe it or not he has quite a bit of support from his fellow Republicans.

Rhodes has the backing of several GOP colleagues, including Reps. Jim Gulley and Doug Vinson of Mecklenburg as well as U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick. His seatmate, Republican Rep. Ed McMahan of Charlotte, says Rhodes has been "unfairly labeled" ineffective.

Since it was too confuzzling to try to understand why someone would be proud of being ineffective I decided to look at this race as if both were Democrats. Regardless of endorsements, I would vote for change, so I guess Tillis would get my vote. All in all, just another reason to thank Goddess I'm not a Republican.


(Remember, I have personal

(Remember, I have personal experience with trying to figure out the Republican mind since I'm married to one.)* SD

Slowly he drew me into his dark Republican mind, and before
I knew it. I had said yes and a ton of kids.

Slowly they drew me back in, just when I thought I was out
from her lawyers. *Newt former speaker of the house and
three former x's

I did say yes...but only two kids

one dog and two hamsters.

Actually, I had heard Newt had some deep dark secrets..

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Bomb Thrower

That he's ineffective and beloved by the right wing fits with my understanding that Rhodes is a bomb thrower, the kind of guy you go to when you need something unpopular or unsavory to be said. He's introduced TABOR here as well as an "English as Official Language" bill.

We've got 'em on the left, too, and sometimes they're good to have around. But I can't imagine voting for someone in my district just because they're of value to the statewide party.

It was obvious by what some

of his fellow Reps were saying that he serves a purpose. I'm with you, though...don't see that as a reason to keep him around.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

There is no point in ...

ctiticizing someone just for being a Republican. You criticize for being harmful. Not all nutcases are harmful. Even some Republican nutcases.
I don't see anything particularly odious being alleged here. So what? Run a strong Democrat and be done with it, win or lose.

Democrats; well, we have our whackjobs, too.
Wrong battle. You never know when you might need a Republican.
This IS politics, after all.

As a Democrat I would much rather have the

ineffective Republican :) I don't think I criticized anyone for simply being a Republican.(Other than the joke about the dark, scary Republican mind) Quite frankly, though...I don't see anything wrong with it. While there are worse things in life than being a Republican, I think there's nothing worse for our country than having too many Republicans in elected office.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Rhodes is most effective

John Rhodes is a conservative first and Republican second. He calls out any corruption he sees. He signed a no tax pledge. And stuck to it for four years. He also calls out every wasteful ridiculous project no matter who receives it. He is honest. Is he ineffective? That little non-partisan group may be blind to party labels but it is not unbiased. The surveys returned were mostly from lobbyists, searching to get legislation in their favor passed. The remainder of surveys were from reporters and liberal lawmakers. How do you think they would vote on effectiveness for the most conservative legislator? Of course he ranks last and should using their criteria. As for the lobbyists, Rhodes refuses to even meet with any, ever. He won't take their money, no contributions and no influence. They hate him because he won't crack under pressure. He just said no. And that's what makes him least effective. Read the article in the Greensboro news from today. You'll learn. The rankings demonstrate power, not ethics. If getting questionable bills pushed through the legislature which rape taxpayers is effective then Jim Black (under multiple layers of investigation) is THE most effective. But is what he doing right? No. I liken it to one child molester vouching for the effectiveness of another child molester. They may be good at what they do, but would you let them babysit?

PS I know of what I speak. I signed on to work with the Rhodes campaign. I've done the research. Rhodes' opponent is a puppet of some local RINO Republicans who wanted to expedite eminent domain cases against locals who would not donate their land voluntarily for a road widening project. When they insisted Rhodes submit legislation to FINE landowners for not giving up their properties, Rhodes said NO. As he should have. As any good representative should. As Rhodes states, the most important job of a legislator is to protect the freedoms of constituents. All constituents. And often that means against the excesses of government. Not only will Rhodes win the primary and the election, he will do so at ten to one in votes. Don't be fooled folks. You may be talking about a future Governor of this state. Rhodes is the real deal.

Rep Voter

Do you have a link or url to the article in the Greensboro paper? I'll add it to the post above to make it part of the record.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

The Greensboro Article


Ratings value power but ignore principle

There's an important element missing from the state legislative effectiveness rankings released last week: ethics.

The omission points to a sad disconnect between power and principle in Raleigh. Speaker Jim Black, rated the most effective member of the House of Representatives for the fourth General Assembly session in a row on the N.C. Center for Public Policy Research survey, also is in the most trouble for the way he gets things done.

Rep. John Blust of Greensboro, in contrast, has loudly criticized abuses of power by legislative leaders and ranks a dismal 119th out of 120 on the effectiveness chart. The message: It's better to master a corrupt system than try to oppose it.

The rankings are compiled from a survey of legislators, lobbyists and the capital press corps. The greatest number of responses comes from lobbyists. Participants are supposed to evaluate legislators based on their committee work, skill in guiding bills, general knowledge and expertise, persuasiveness and political power.

It would be nice to think that statesmanship, integrity and determination to do what's best for the people would earn high marks, but success in Raleigh and other capitals requires money and the ability to make it work for political advantage. Black is effective because he collects a lot of campaign contributions, spreads the money to other politicians and gains enough supporters to keep himself in power, from which position he rewards those who help him.

One of Black's top achievements last year shows why he stands at the top of the power list. An optometrist who receives thousands of dollars in political donations from fellow practitioners, Black inserted a provision into the state budget requiring eye exams, given by optometrists or ophthalmologists, for all incoming kindergartners. There was no debate or discussion about the measure, which would cost parents millions of dollars -- in most cases, unnecessarily. Why debate anything when the speaker and his benefactors want it? That's effectiveness.

Black still isn't powerful enough to control the courts, however. A judge halted implementation of his eye-exam requirement.

The current rankings serve a purpose but should be altered to encourage better legislative behavior. Watchdog organizations in Raleigh that advocate for clean government should be invited to contribute to the rating process. Points should be deducted from lawmakers who are under investigation for misconduct. The criteria should be updated to give credit for displays of good character. A category for ethical effectiveness should be created. The top scorers might be entirely different legislators.

The measure of effectiveness in Raleigh should not be the ability merely to get things done, but the right things.


For people who want to discuss the failings of Republicans ( and I am sure there are many phonies out there ) they must recognize this is not restricted to one party. Corruption is OUR enemy no matter who engages in it. Unfortunately, good people get power and that tends to give them a complex. Then they become corrupt and hoard and get greedy. It is human nature and takes extraordinary will power not to accept large checks with many zeros. Most public servants rise from School Boards and local towns. They are no more special than you or I and vulnerable too. I wish we could approach the elimination of corruption with honesty. If every single corrupt official were Republican I would still say to throw them out. Because that is honest. True to my convictions. But we know that every group is involved. It is a tangled web. I hope we can work together, get rid of the corruption and still move forward with reasonable debate on issues, unclouded by corrupt influence. If all my neighbors feel a certain way on taxes or financing rapid transit or whatever, I may argue with them, but in the end I bow to the majority opinion of our social contract. If however, you find that most people do not want to finance a proposal I hope you would also relent. I don't believe in giving housing subsidies to anyone. I know how hard it is out there. I started with nothing and worked three jobs to establish myself and took nothing from the government. I just didnt have the mindset that it was acceptable. For those who feel they can't live without a handout, I am sorry but those days are coming to a close. We can't afford to be all things to all people... I am sorry that jobs pay so little they can't work one and support a family. Nobody can really. They have to work two. It's hard. But life here is still better than overseas. If they don't feel they can work two jobs then they have to cut back on essentials. Just like government should. We overpromise, underdeliver and then raise taxes to cover the error. It has to stop.

It would be great to live in a world where we could afford everything. We can't. One of the main reasons wages are lower than they should be for low end jobs is illegal aliens. Think about it. With the expanded labor force ready to fill those positions there is no competition. If you had few illegals here then American business would have to raise wages to get needed workers, even unskilled ones. I know companies on occasion which used illegal workers. They could pay them less. That is wrong. It hurts the families trying to get started out and establish themselves. You wouldn't even need a minimum wage because market forces would drive even Walmart job pay rates up. You could be looking at a few dollars more per hour just to compete for the limited supply of workers. We would have FULL employment and kids in school who want to work or college kids would also have their pick of jobs.

How many dishwashers do you know making $8-10 an hour. or more? They could. It won't kill the businesses. It would raise prices slightly, but I think overall again, the competition for customers would keep prices stable.

Thanks guys.

As I've said to you before

I'm glad you've found a candidate that you feel excited about.

If a Republican has to win...let it be an ineffective one.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Newt! Newt! Rhodes! Rhodes! Neo-cons! Neo-cons!

Actually, I had heard Newt had some deep dark secrets.* SD
Yep and they are everything that you might think and that including being a switchitter in politics and love. I knew Newt and SD I can
assured you that you are no Newt with those 2 rats and 2 kids

John Rhodes is a conservative first and Republican second* Repub neo-con voter

Define " Conservative" and than ask Mr Rhodes if he supports President
Bush and his neo-con agenda to destroy your children future and the Consitutional rights that he has taken away from you in the name of
Religious bigoty along with a undeclared constitutional war. If Mr Rhodes had any guts or really concerned for this state and country. He should walk from the party of total corruption to set an example as
being first for liberty, and not the standard Orwellian neo-con party of

Denial is a terrible thing for a conservative mind set in the 21 st
century of politics and individualism.

It must be nice

to know everything and have a corner on the truth.

I don't deny that there are many people in this world who are trapped, including many Muslims. In fact, I don't think anyone would deny that. For example, there are people trapped and sentenced to certain death in many African countries - starving and dying of malaria that could be completely eradicated with the money we spend on ONE DAY in Iraq. There are people trapped in North Korea under the disastrous rule of Dear Leader. And in China. And in Indonesia. And in New Orleans. But that doesn't mean the appropriate response is to blow the shit out of their countries.

I was a reactionary neocon once too. I was shocked to learn what I did, all of it first-hand at the US Naval Academy and with airborne Marines following graduation. After that experience, I knew we were doing the wrong thing. I only wish you could see for yourself.

I Love Blackwater because they don't murder people

Connect the dots and someday you may understand what we are facing. The Muslim today is duty bound to kill anyone who does not agree with them. None of us have that type of motivation. * Neo-con Knight's Templar Warrior

I have connected the dots long ago and so did our founders! I would suggest you read George Washington farwell speech after leaving the office of the President. Either you are very naive or a plant to promote
neo-conism here.

I suppose the Blackwater group located in the eastern part of this state has no motivation to kill! Right? If you love the Constitution and the Bill of Rights than vote or work for some candiate in 2006 that really believes that or you can vote or work for a High Tech Police State candiate who will make you a slave in the name of fighting Muslins.

Come on

We should be argueing with each others ideas, not each others labels. My dad says "if your right, you should be able to convince people without needing to make the other guy look stupid" and he is right about that.