Republicans Hating On Republicans and A Broader Point

It may be that stories of NCGOP infighting are all starting to run together for you. They're funny, but even Seinfeld got old after a while. Here's a chunk from a story over at the NCDP website, but below the fold I want to suggest that there is more than entertainment value to these stories.

A sworn affidavit forwarded to the state Board of Elections claims that state Republican Party chairman Ferrell Blount tried to pressure Rep. Stephen LaRoque, R-Lenoir, into donating $500 to the primary opponent of Rep. Richard Morgan, R-Moore. When LaRoque refused during a Feb. 17 meeting, Blount turned to the man who ultimately filed to run against him in the May primary, Willie Ray Starling, and stated, "Willie Ray, go file."

Republican Representative Accuses NCGOP Chair of “Extortion,” Calls for His Resignation | North Carolina Democratic Party

Ok, so here's the bigger picture. Stories like these are legion. We've only been compiling them here at BlueNC for a short while, but a seasoned Raleigh politico could publish a book in several volumes. At some point it is fair to ask: how can they run the state if they can't even run their own party?

These tales of backstabbing and intrigue do not paint a picture of a party focused on issues and good governance. They show a core group of petulant idiologues bent on eradicating those with whom they disagree. That's not a mentality I would want running the state even if were being espoused by people who share my general political sensibilities.

"What about Jim Black?" What about him. He'll be gone soon, and not because Republicans forced him out. He'll step down because it's the right thing to do, and members of his party and citizens like us have asked him to. He'll do it so that the party of good governance can get on with the work at hand.

I don't mean to be soapboxy, but I find the NCGOP Purity Squad offensive and counter-majoritarian. And I think they've compiled a record that makes it easy for us to make the argument that they aren't serious about what's best for North Carolina.


Seinfeld got old? were just too young to appreciate the refined comedy that was Seinfeld. :)

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how are you so sure

Black will "step down because it's the right thing to do"? I don't know the whole story but on the surface it doesn't seem like he has a history of doing things because they're the right thing to do.

Or, maybe you're counting more on the "members of his party and citizens like us" to ask more loudly?

And don't you think it was a bit much to say "He'll do it so that the party of good governance can get on with the work at hand."

But, maybe I'm being ham-handed and your whole post was intended as a gentle nudge, wink, wink. Oh, I am such a clod. It's because I was raised in Maryland. None of my state's natives have been much for subtleties.

But if i'm so dense as to not get it, maybe Anglico should go ahead send Blacks people a link to this page?


My purple-prose-meter was redlining when I wrote that line about "the party of good governance," but I let it ride because I really do believe that your average Democrat spends more time thinking about how to govern well than your average Republican, and that your average Republican spends more time trying to figure out how the hell to get rid of the government.

Black will step down because it's the right thing to do. There may be intervening causal factors. That is, it might be more accurate to say something like "Black will step down because we will loudly ask him to, and we will loudly ask him to because it is the right thing for him to do." Either way, though, the point is that Republicans have shown themselves to be near incapable of this kind of house cleaning.

Actually, Jim has been around a very long time

He has done a great deal of good for this state. He hasn't been indicted of a crime and quite possibly hasn't broken any laws. Admittedly, he has used poor judgment in some decisions. For every wrong decision, though he probably made several hundred right decisions. Not excusing his behavior, but trying to put it in perspective.

The Mecklenburg County Democratic Party passed a resolution to simply state that we support Jim Black - not that we excuse him, but support him. While I believe it is in the best interest of the party for him to step down there MUST be someone to fill his shoes. The party at this time doesn't have anyone lined up to step in(not that has been publicized) and even if they had someone who would fill Black's shoes until November they have to find someone interested to run in November.

I think we simply need to realize there is a lot to do to prepare. How good would it look if he resigned and there was no one lined up to take his place? It would be pretty pathetic if we didn't have a viable candidate lined up first. My fear is no one wants the job. That would suck.

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Holliman wants the job

If Jim Black, heavens forfend, died tonight, I'll bet they would come up with a speaker, and quick.

I pass no judgment on the allegations against Black. But his troubles are standing in the way of other important work. The leg. reconvenes in just over a month. We shouldn't have to be worried about Black then.

Not Speaker

Someone to represent his district. Speaker is easy. They'll be killing each other for that job.

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good points

I needed to hear this stuff. Lance's comments, too.

It's just so frustrating being the pot calling the kettle black (or vice versa). Right when what THEY have done seems so egregious, what WE have done, while not comparable really, is in the same category. I have no patience with it. And that's probably not a good thing.

I think no patience is a good thing.

Somebody has to not have it.
Or something like that.

Seriously. There are more than enough patient people to go around, and god bless 'em one and all. We make them look good.

I have enough patience to spread around...

so if you ever see me losing my patience you'll know they've messed up. Patient or not...they need the gentle and not-so-gentle-yet-still-friendly- - - - - - - - nudging. If we don't nudge, they won't know what our expectations are and will sit there with their heads in the sand....waiting until everything is out of control.

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"Friends" Got Old

I was finished with it after two seasons.

I'm looking at 395 houseplans....that's why I haven't finished my posts about the convention. I have loads of feedback for you. Lots to tell you.

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I know it's none of my business, but most people find it practical to only own one or two houses at a time.


Gotta narrow that number down honey pie. Send me the stack. I'll choose one for you. It's one of my favorite things to do.

I swear...every time I pick one

he doesn't like it. I just about had a coronary b/c he just liked one I showed him. Problem is...I can't stand it! LOL.... I just wanted to hear him say...I like that one.

I was raised in a 1920's English Tudor with hardwoods and 12 foot ceilings and more sq ftage than I would know what to do with. I sure as hell wouldn't want to clean it. I just like a different style - I like a true craftsman with lots of stonework. He likes brick with bay windows....I think they style is "new American"...
Oh well...I'm sure I'll give in. I always do. I got my trees to hug, afterall.

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New American.

As distinguished from Early American and Un-American and Old American and Pan American and Hypo American?

I think they are running out of style names

I have RA, so the master has to be on the first level. We are leaving a well somewhere to install an elevator if I ever lose my knees. Heck...may just go ahead and install a crypt in the basement. I may never want to leave....

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My sister in law.

is in the same RA boat. That pretty much sucks. can stink big time.

I'm very lucky. I often have decent spans between episodes. I just have a bad habit of um...pushing the envelope when I rassle with shrubs.

The good news is that after 395 plans I have narrowed it down to 12.....from this company. I have a few more to look at. The goal is to have the plans picked out by the end of the week. We'll narrow it down to 3 or 4 and then get quotes.

John met with a builder on Saturday who gave us a very high quote. The nice thing is that at our age we know what we can afford and we aren't in the least tempted to overdo it. Ok...wait...of course, I'm tempted...LOL

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Hehehe...I want them all

No...actually, I have to go through these plans my dear Republican anal retentive husband picked out and narrow them down. We have some must haves and I'm not willing to compromise on some things. He MUST have a home office even though he never works from HOME. I must have a home office because that's the only place I do work.

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