Republicans Fail to Bring Enough Votes to Shore Up American Economy [VIDEO]

I admit to thinking that the Republican leadership has to be some of the nastiest, whiniest, most asinine, most unprofessional people out there. However, when the Republicans showed up for their press conference after the failed bailout vote, I absolutely could not believe my ears. I watched in utter disbelief as John Boehner, Eric Cantor and Roy Blunt whined that they couldn't get the votes they'd committed to bring to the House today because of the speech Nancy Pelosi gave. They blamed Nancy Pelosi. They said she didn't have the leadership to get the votes.

Unfortunately for them, she did get enough Democratic votes, so those pesky little facts are getting in the way of their cover story. The problem is, it is the Republicans who failed to vote for this supposed bipartisan bill. Democrats were able to round up 60% of their members to vote for the bill. The rest was up to the Republicans. Roy Blunt, Minority Whip, simply didn't do his job. Only 33% of House Republicans voted, Yay. This after Boehner and Blunt bragged prior to the vote how they had saved the bill with the changes they insisted on.

So, prior to the vote they were setting themselves up to take credit for its success and immediately after the vote failed they wasted no time placing the blame on Pelosi and the Democrats.

The commentators on CNN had a hard time hiding their disgust that the Republicans would come out and state very clearly that they couldn't get their members to vote for the bill because of something Nancy Pelosi said in her speech.

It is hard to believe. Somebody hurt their feelings and they were willing and ready to sell out Americans. Americans are hurting and they wouldn't vote to help them because Nancy Pelosi criticized their precious "free market" that had run out of control? Wow, just wow. This isn't junior high.

A few minutes passed and the Democratic leadership came out. As they spoke I was amazed at the fact that after what the Republicans had said, the only thing I heard Pelosi say was that Democrats had more than brought in their share of the vote and it was the Republicans who failed to support the bill. While she certainly made sure to direct attention to the failed Republican efforts, it is an accusation borne out by the facts. It was the Republicans who failed to pull their weight when it came to passing this bill.

When Barney Frank opened the floor to questions I could hear a faint sound that must have been coming from the back of the room. Frank's face looked incredulous as he listened. It was obvious from his reply that he had just been told of the Republicans' accusations. Barney Frank said that what he heard was something that not even the Democrats would have dreamt up to accuse them of and he couldn't believe the House Republicans would punish the American people because somebody hurt their feelings.

[edit] I found the video of Barney Frank's comments, so am including the video in place of my quote.

Barney Frank also mentioned that House Democratic leadership had been willing to negotiate on and accept other changes Republicans had asked for, but it was Bush who said that wouldn't work.

I don't necessarily support this particular stimulus package, but I do know we need to do something. Here's the problem. According to the Republicans, they didn't fail to support this bill because it is a bad bill, they failed to support it because somebody said something they didn't like. In other words, they aren't looking for changes in the bill, they're looking for Nancy Pelosi to kiss their collective asses.

I am just completely and thoroughly disgusted - not because the bill failed - but because House Republicans lack the maturity to do this job. As soon as it got tough out there they decided to play the blame game instead of buckling down and figuring out how to make the bill work. House Republicans failed the American people because instead of leaving the door open to fight for changes in the bill that might make it stronger, they felt it was more important to join in a chorus of, "Blame Pelosi and Run."


We need to do something

I don't know that this was the right bill, but what it looks like is this is the bill they're going to push. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

I'm embarrassed for America on many fronts tonight

Republicans have shown they'd rather f*ck the country for what they believe is a shred of political gain.

I didn't like this proposal ... no one really did ... but instead of working seriously on Plan B, Congress put all of its eggs in one basket ... a basked crafted by Kings Henry and George.

Thank god McCain came to the rescue and saved the day.


It's ridiculous that they should be blaming Pelosi

when they should look to their own house. I am so damned sick and tired of people blaming others for their failures. Damnit- have the balls, have the ovaries, have the GUTS to stand up and say "we didn't get it done. It's our fault."

If I screw up at work, I have to do that. Don't you? Why can't they? Damn it. I don't even care about the bail out/stimulus/whatever. I'm sick of the whining.

I'm going to put them all on notice - I have a time out chair, and I'm not afraid to use it. First one in the chair - John Boehner. But never fear, I have more chairs. I can put all of them in time out.


There are very few statespeople left

Here are some nominees (1 minute each):

The problem children need more than a chair. They need to be shown the door.

William (B.J.) Lawson, M.D.
Congressional Candidate, North Carolina's 4th District

William (B.J.) Lawson, M.D.
Congressional Candidate, North Carolina's 4th District

The Republicans should've

The Republicans should've made sure that not only would they secure the support of Democrats and the President to get the measure passed, but their own party. I believe they're too inept to check off that important item.

Somebody call the Whaaambulance!

You know, I can understand voting against it because it's a bad bill, but trying to blame mean 'ol Nancy Pelosi for the refusal of 2/3 of your caucus to get on board with this thing after the head of your party just went on tv and touted his leadership as the determining factor in bringing about a successful bipartisan agreement is completely absurd.

As John McCain's hero, Teddy Roosevelt, once said "If you could kick the person in the pants responsible for most of your trouble, you wouldn't sit for a month."

My god, people! The bill sucked!

Firstly, I'll say that the way that Boehner and the Republican leadership are acting is childish. I cannot stand the Republican leadership in Washington, and blaming Pelosi for the failure of this bill to pass is not only a b.s. excuse (I'm sure no House Republican was "convinced by Pelosi's speech" to vote against the Bill; if anything, they were probably much more convinced by the herds of calls and emails coming in from angry constituents).

However, two things:

1) THE BILL SUCKED! The vast majority of us seem to agree on this point. Let's not lose sight of the fact that it was a very bad bill that was worked out and supported pretty much exclusively by the establishment and leadership of BOTH parties. Let's thank God this piece of crap didn't pass, as it would have surely sent the dollar and the value of Treasury assets on a nosedive. Let's praise the principled stands taken by both Democrats and Republicans who opposed this Bill, and let's join them in giving a giant middle finger to the establishment of Washington who crafted this (in private meetings, I might add) and tried to shove it down their throats.

2) Let's not forget that the Democrats have a majority in Congress. If they're supposedly as a collective group the "adults" in this who are "putting economy before politics" in supporting this piece of legislation, then why did 90- a huge minority- join the majority of Republicans in opposing it? If even 12 of these Democrats had voted the other way, the Bill would have passed.

The main reasons why the bill failed are 1) most of the Representatives outside of the leadership of both parties had serious problems in principle with the bill, and 2) those who didn't have these substantive problems with the legislation had (quite clearly) constituents who did.

Does the House Republican leadership deserve criticism for the political stunt they're trying to pull on Pelosi after this? Certainly. But I think more substantive and productive criticism should be thrown toward the Washington establishment in general, as they were the ones who brought forward this piece of trash and tried to shove it through Congress in very short time without substantive public debate.

I agree...I'm pleased the bill failed.

This bill was indeed a travesty created by and for the financial services industry's corporate interests...without any substantive regard for or benefit to the citizenry.

Let's be clear: something needs to be done and done quickly to get credit and cash available to businesses around the country. Small business's paydays for employees doesn't always coincide with the day customers pay their bills....and so on.

Just think how folks might have felt about this bill if it had contained provisions to...

  • prevent credit card companies from charging more than the prime rate plus 3%....rather than the prime plus 14% or greater they charge now....and credit to the cardholder's loan principal any excess interest paid...retroactive to January, 2008.
  • cause mortgage lenders to renegotiate, with no closing costs, any mortgage loan with an interest rate in excess of 8%...and to freeze the upward adjustment of ARM mortgages for a minimum of 2-5 years...and to put a 180 day freeze on mortgage foreclosures while the mortgages were reviewed and reworked to allow people to stay in their homes with loan payments they could meet now and over time.
  • cause speculative investors to either prove they have the cash/stock on hand to cover their trade or pay a tax and insurance premium fee to insure the integrity of the trade.
  • and so on.......things to help restore fairness and integrity to the "free market."

    These may or may not be the right ideas, but there's plenty of room for better provisions in legislation that is going to dump massive debt on the taxpayers and/or devalue the dollar.

  • Stan Bozarth

    The bill sucked?

    It did indeed. It was cobbled together with a hope and a prayer, small thinking inside a small box. Ineptitude on every front in both parties. Obstructionists all, brinkmanship at its worst. I am disappointed that anyone voted for this absurd legislation.

    This is exactly the kind of environment in which moderate Democrats like Price and Miller have an opportunity to lead as voices of reason. They didn't.

    The vote bolsters your case for Lawson. If he was running as an independent in favor of abortion rights, I'd vote for him. Two pretty big ifs, but still.


    Doubts about Dole?

    No one wanted it

    95 Dems voted against the bill. Dems are the ones who have a majority in both houses and could have passed this bill all on their own. It's a bad bill and should not be passed. Pelosi making a speech p!ssing all over the Reps before the vote is not exactly the way to achieve a bipartisan consensus.

    The Republican leadership wanted it

    It was supposed to be a bipartisan effort which means each party is responsible for bringing their members to the table. The Republicans failed in that effort. I'm not saying it is a bad thing that they failed, but they're saying the reason they failed is their wittle feewings were hurt b/c of big, bad, mean Nancy Pelosi. You honestly mean to tell me that you think it is OK for Republicans to vote for or against something simply because their feelings were hurt. Really? Seriously? What if it turns out (and I don't think it will) that this was the last chance to save our economy. Do you honestly think you're going to find 12 Republicans who are going to step forward and say, "Nancy Pelosi wanted us to take responsibility for our failures in governing and we didn't like it, so we allowed the economy to fail?" Because that is exactly what they would be admitting to.

    I would much rather have heard them say that at the end of the day their guts and hearts just wouldn't let them do it and they wanted a little more time to make sure the deal is sound. Obviously you don't think that's the reason they failed to support the bill. You honestly think that your fellow Republicans are so moronic that they would vote "Nay" because their feelings were hurt.

    I've just had it confirmed by Locomotive Breath. The Republicans in Congress really are just a bunch of merry little morons.

    Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

    I think the "Election Day" factor killed the bill......

    As you all mentioned the deal was for so many Dems and Repukes to vote for it. But the 'constituents' were calling in big numbers against the bill. The Repukes panicked, as they are already sensing a tidal wave building with the elections only a month away. I think Pelosi wasn't willing to put the Dems in the position of passing 'Bush's' plan by themselves, so let it die.

    Republicans Hold Their Breath Until American Turns Blue!

    Bad bill or not, it was the Republican Administration that rang the alarm bell and the Dems that came to the bargaining table. Each side gave up something (which btw is called NEGOTIATING)to get a bill that both sides said they could work with. It was a bad bill and I too am glad that it didn't pass. Now that the r's have taken their toys and gone home because stamping their feet didn't get them their way, the adults, Democrats will be putting together another bill. I wonder how willing they will be to give up something to get something this time?

    No matter that patriotism is too often the refuge of scoundrels. Dissent, rebellion, and all-around hell-raising remain the true duty of patriots.

    Progressive Discussions

    Brad Miller

    and David Price *are* great statesmen.

    In particular, the more I hear from Brad Miller the prouder I am that we have his representation.

    He's a passionate, bright, committed public servant, the likes of whom we are very, very lucky to have. He's a leader, and he's a thinker and he's a man of integrity - a rare but dearly needed combination.

    As discouraging as it may be to see some of the candidates we produce (yes, Beverly Perdue discourages me greatly), the fact that we still have a Brad Miller fighting for genuine progress and willing to make the tough calls to do so gives me faith and renews my determination to keep working for the good guys.

    And hell yes, that would be the Democratic Party.

    Victory for the people

    As an outsider in the current political system, I have a different perspective on this vote. I view it as a victory for the people, something that rarely happens in America today. Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans can claim credit for the victory or be blamed (if that is the right word) for the defeat. The party with the clear majority in the House did not carry the day. Apparently, the interests of the people prevailed over party loyalty, which is a good thing as far as I am concerned.

    Brian Irving
    Communications Director
    Libertarian Party of North Carolina

    Brian Irving
    Raleigh Libertarian Examiner

    It isn't a victory for the people

    If the bill had failed because one or both sides realized it needed more work and there was a commitment to work out a deal that benefitted those of us paying for it more than those of us who created the problem, then I would say it is a victory. It doesn't seem like that is what happened.

    We'll just have to wait and see.

    Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

    Absolutely right

    It's no victory for anyone.

    Doubts about Dole?