A Republican worth supporting?

Looks like a dustup over in Moore County - with an upstart citizen declaring war on Art "the Puppetmaster" Pope's corporate money in local elections. The Pilot has the news about the General who would kick Pope's handpicked puppet, Joe Boylan.

Shaver Mounts Campaign to Oppose Boylan

If Manila 'Bud' Shaver has his way, Joe Boylan (hand picked by the Puppetmaster) will face opposition on the November general election ballot. Shaver intends to give him competition without the backing of the state Republican Party leadership. A retired Army major general, Shaver announced this week that he is mounting a campaign as an unaffiliated candidate for the District 52 seat in the North Carolina House of Representatives.

"I have no animosity against Joe Boylan, but I'm offended by the way the election went with outside forces coming into Moore County and telling us how to vote," he said. "The state party violated its own Plan of Organization."

Boylan of Pinehurst, who owns several hair salons, defeated incumbent state Rep. Richard Morgan by a 52 percent to 48 percent margin in the May 2 Republican primary election. The state GOP poured (tons of Pope's corporate) money and volunteers into the campaign against Morgan after the state Executive Committee authorized the party chairman to use any means available to topple Morgan.

"My concern is sending a message to the state party that you cannot come into Moore County and buy our votes," Shaver said.

Shaver must collect an estimated 2,000 to 2,100 signatures on a petition if his name is to appear on the ballot in November. He met with County Elections Director Glenda Clendenin on Wednesday afternoon to get the ball rolling by securing the petitions required by the State Board of Elections.

I don't know General Shaver and I doubt I agree with him on almost anything except for the fact that Puppetmaster must be stopped. It's almost worth moving to Moore County just to sign his petition. Almost.


repug strife=Dem wins

It is glorious to see the republicans at each others throats lately here in NC. I think it wise for us to step back and stay out of the fray while they expend capital.

General "Bud" Order OF Battle in Moore County?

1. Tell the voters you were called up by the Army Reserve,
even though you are 78 years old.
2. Use you political connections at Fort Bragg and have
them sent over Special forces unit of the 82 nd Airborne
to make the citizens sign your petition for the ballot
wanting democracy in Moore County. You will be amazed how fast
the petition is filled.
3. Send a messager to Boylan and demand if he surrenders
now with honor, He will be pardon and can keep his Hair
Palors. If he does not surrender, withdraw the terms and
send all 400 senior citizens from the assisted living Home
in Pinehust armed with spike canes and Wheel Chariots
mounted with twin 50s to his home at midnight.
4. Send a letter to the editor in Raleigh saying " If Pope
seizes the State Capital after the election." You will
declare martial law in Raleigh and lock him up under Section
XXI of the Patriot Act...Use Article 23, part A where it
says you can make a citizens arrest if he trys to ban
the lottery.
5. Forget the above and join the Democrat party and get
real payback.
6. If none of the suggestions appeal to you. Remember
the draft is still in affect and you could the last old
General out of Iraq in the next 2 years

Fuck Bud Shaver.

Fuck Bud Shaver.