Report On State Senator John Snows Visit to Robbinsville

Greetings Fellow Brother & Sister BlueNC’ers!!!

I thought I would just up date you on State Senator John Snow’s visit to Robbinsville today. Well, Sen. Snow , his Campaign Mgr. Jonathan Ducote and I left from my place a little before 12:30pm. This in turn just about gave me a massive heart attack when we arrived at our first stop and no one much was there! Low & Behold we were 15 minutes early when I checked the time. So as Jonathan checked up on e-mail , I made introductions and a few calls to let folks know we had arrived and slowly but surely the crowd gathered

This was defiantly a crowd of supporters as one of the first questions I was asked was What do I need to do & When do you need me to work the phones! Of course, this being my first active outing with the Senator & Jonathan it was defiantly a learning experience for me! However we did have a good crowd of folks for the Senator to explain the issues and what he hoped to accomplish to. I even had the pleasure of introducing my Mother & Father to him and I think I did say ,”Don’t believe anything they tell you about me”! HAHA!

After our hour was up with these supporters we proceeded to Britthaven Nursing Facility in Robbinsville. There the Senator was able to meet with the Veterans who are there along with the other residents including one we met who was going on 101 years young and still in good mind. It was here at Britthaven that one could clearly see the positive influence and impact the Seniors and the Senator have on each other! Residents from each side of the building were asking to meet him! And it was here ,that all you had to do was to open your eyes and you were actually able to see just how much he honestly does care for our Seniors!! He was not one of these type of stereotyped politicians that just stands around and go’s yes, yes & OK,OK. NO! Senator Snow actually took his time to sit down with each one of residents there who asked and discuss their needs and their concerns! He was very open and very honest with each of them. And I really don’t think they wanted us to leave. But after our allotted time was up it was off to Graham County Democrat Headquarters for us.

While at Britthaven ,Nick Carter & Barb Bonnette from The Graham Star Newspaper came and helped photo the event and Senator Snow gave Nick quite a interview which once I get permission from Nick & the Senator I will bring the highlights of it to you possibly on Wednesday.

We arrived at Dem HQ a bit early. You know, Senator Snows opponent in the race , Ken McKim actually had the nerve to call Senator Snow inaccessible and he would be better at the job. After today, I can personally stake everything I have on the fact that, I truly do not believe anyone in Government can possibly be any more accessible than what John Snow is. Any call’s by cell phone did not go unanswered nor did any e-mail’s that came in on Jonathan’s hand held go un-replied to. Personally speaking here, I think that Mr. McKim, the Senators opponent has stuck his foot in his mouth this time by making that statement. He might need to take a vacation and go back to Texas and re-Think Things a bit before proceeding with his bid for public office.

At Democrat HQ, We enjoyed a fine Hotdog supper provided by Party Chair Given Collins, Kaye Davis & Sheena Crisp! Thank you ladies for your efforts & hard work! I really don’t think things could have been any better! And there was a hugh crowd on hand to enjoy it and meet with the Senator. Also other canadates were on hand also! Randy Jordan ,Dirk Cody & Kenny McKeldry from the Commissioners race were there. Randy & Dirk are Incumbents and have done a fine job. Yvette Hooper Dem for Register of Deeds was on hand, Melba Millsap’s from the clerk of court race, Mickey Anderson from the Sheriffs race were there also. Snow Supporters ,Shuler Supporters and everyone else was there and had a great time! After our arrival at Dem HQ, I truly did see something that I haven’t seen in Dem politics in quite a while! I Was witness to total & complete Teamwork!!! As for Senator Snow, He was there as much in support of the other canadates as for himself and likewise the others were there for him as much as for themselves.

With this kind of attitude that the Graham County Democrat Party has this year ,If we can keep it up, Honestly, I do not see how we can do anything less than a clean sweep of the offices and return Democrats to each of them! We have the attitude and the power. All that is left is to get the voters out!


Good report, Dan!

It's especially encouraging to see the teamwork coming together.