Rep. Larry Brown embarrasses Forsyth and Davidson counties again

Fire up the Britney Spears, Rep Larry Brown just did it again (h/t to Binker and Progressive Pulse).

Moral, fiscal, scientific and political idiocy are all on display in this insane interview with the Winston-Salem Journal.

Reporter Wesley Young does a good job tracking down local folks who have the common sense, facts, and life experience to rebut Rep. Brown's idiocy. So take a read.

Please, NC GOP. Stop Rep. Brown before he gets our state as a joke on Saturday Night Live again.

For entertainment, since Rep. Brown is clearly in need of some:


Now is the time to be vocal

Actually, it's always important to be vocal, but never more so now that people like Brown feel confident that bigotry is the ticket to success in NC.

North Carolina has been successful in the past because progressive leaders like Jim Hunt made sure that we had the educational structure to attract leaders in business and industry. These leaders wanted intelligent, skilled employees and a home base where their children would be well prepared in local schools. We are rapidly losing that advantage now precisely because of people like Brown.

The entire state stands to lose quite a bit every time morons like Brown are quoted. People of both liberal and conservative perspectives should be very, very, worried about the future of this state when its reputation is being remade in the national press by bigots like this man.

Our situation isn't hopeless, but it does call for a more vigorous activism on the part of people who care, and who know that we can do better. We really must come together for the common cause of saving this state's reputation.

The next election is only two years away. Whatever is happening on the national level, we have to be busy locally to ensure a strong turnout of Democrats. People like Brown have to go.

Beautifully said

We really must come together for the common cause of saving this state's reputation.

Channeling Jesse Helms

Excerpt from a letter to a constituent:

I know Mark's death was a devastating blow to you. As far as homosexuality, the Bible judges it, I do not. As for Mark, I wish he had not played Russian roulette with his sexual activity. I have sympathy for him and for you. But there is no escaping the reality of what happened.