Remember when Republicans complained about "technicalities"??

I remember when so-called "conservatives" constantly complained that courts were letting people off because of "legal technicalities" - you know, little things like the fact that a person wasn't read their rights, or the police broke into a house without a warrant or the police falsified evidence - you know, little, teeny technicalities that just don't really matter, right?

So yesterday President Obama made a recess appointment of Richard Cordray to direct the new consumer protection agency. He did that while Congress had left Washington for a recess.

The Constitution gives the President the power to make recess appointments.

Here's where a new "technicality" appears - only this time it's a "technicality" that so-called "conservatives" like.

You see, according to Republicans, the Senate was "technically" in session, not in recess: this is because one - ONE - Republican Senator appears in the Senate chambers every three days to conduct a 30-second "session" of the Senate.

So now the Republicans are whining that the Senate was "technically in session."

Now it's my turn to say "that's just a technicality - deal with it, bozos."