Real World: Denver, Convention Edition

I was elected as a pledged delegate for Sen. Clinton this weekend. Skeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! The excitement has rubbed off a little, but it was so thrilling yesterday to watch MY returns "come in" on the computer projector screen. I know there are some people who have been to previous DNC conventions, so that it seems "old hat," but this is my first time, and I am thrilled! Especially given the potential scenario this year, and the position I'm in.

I was wondering if there were any other BlueNCers out there who made the cut? If not this time, maybe you'll make it at the state convention! Even though it wasn't "easy," getting elected was the first part...the difficult part is finding lodging in Denver! If anyone has any suggestions, if you are a delegate, or if you are just going anyway (I know a few folks who are), let me know so we can exchange ideas.

One of my friends was trying for Obama delegate as well, so I was less than thrilled to see these "endorsement" letters for select individuals. My hope is that the state convention is much more open...which, ironically, I've heard it is even less so (that the state party powers that be have pretty much picked their own). I think that means we need to find out how the state process works, and get some BlueNCers or Friends of BlueNC elected delegates instead of the same ol' folks.

I do have a positive report from one district, though. Out of the 5 delegates and 1 alternate elected, four were under the age of 35, two were prior military, two were women, and two were minorities. I think this is a GREAT representation of the respective campaigns, of NC, and of the Democratic Party. I think it'll be a fun group of delegates from NC at Denver!

...I've told my best friend that everytime he sees a delegate count for Sen. Clinton on TV or the Interweb, that he's really looking at me! :)



That's so exciting!!! Woo-hoo!! You and Betsy and the rest of the BlueNC crew will have so much fun out there. Get a good camera between now and then!

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state delegation hotel

I believe the state party has a block of rooms reserved at one of the hotels.

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You mean Democrats are organized?! :)

That's good to hear. I wonder which hotel...I've never been to Denver myself, but from what I've heard, there is not much actually NEAR the convention center. So transportation will definitely be an issue. if I can just find a ridiculous hat to wear...maybe some "2008" glasses, too...

Denver transportation

Denver has a pretty good public transportation system.

I have gone to the last two Green Party national nominating conventions, Democrats are a well oilded machine compared to Greens, lol.

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campaign endorsements

Change? Just sounds like more of the same ol same ol

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You sound bitter.

Let's give the capt his day in the sun. This is an exciting thing for him. Politics are always going to have winners and losers. I'm excited for the Captain - hoping he'l be willing to stop by Betsy's blogging station and report in once in a while for those of us at home.

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I took him as "insulting" the Obama folks!

you are right

I think it is great that you made it and I hope you have a great tie in Denver. I am still hoping to make it as a state selected delegate.

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That's what it seemed to me...but, look, it's not "my" camp, so I'll leave it for their own members to criticize how things were done.

One thing that I was somewhat surprised WASN'T done by the campaigns (and, admittedly, it would be very resource-extensive to do) was checking, for lack of a better word, the "loyalty" of delegate candidates. I guess I'll have to ask Chair Meek or someone, but does the NC Democratic Party have a rule about being loyal to your pledged delegate? Even if just on the first ballot?

Obviously it would take alot of research, interviews, etc. to check out EACH candidate, but how does the Obama campaign know that a few of their delegates might not switch to Clinton under the right argument or vice versa (disclosure: That is not me, I assure you...the only argument to make to me to change my vote is a phone call from Sen. Clinton).

The Obama "endorsees" seemed to be people who knew people. What a'd think this was political or something! I have my guess about who the second "people" were in my district, but whatever.

But, I really hope we can combine our efforts, for those going to the state convention, to vote for delegates OF the people, who truly represent North Carolina Democratic voters. Maybe a BlueNC SAMPLE ballot? ;)

30+ delegates

There are still 30+ delegates to be chosen.

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I don't know the entire process...

But, based on the results of the district selections, several affirmative actions goals may/may not come into play, e.g. GLBT, age, race, gender, disability, etc.

The state chair will appoint only a few delegates, but the majority are to be elected by the convention. Have no idea how this actually works, though...Julia Lee over at the state party was handling the information for district delegates. She may be good to ask about how the state delegate process works.

you will have a lot of fun in Denver

You will have a lot of fun and come back from Denver with lots of energy. The state will have a block of rooms (as mentioned), but they will NOT be cheap. I've been to three national conventions -- 2004 as a member of the National Convention Rules Committee for Edwards, 1980 as a Kennedy delegate (that was a lonely experience, there were 4 or 5 from NC that year, the rest Carter) and in 1968 I was a McCarthy volunteer with the Connecticut delegation -- it was just two weeks before I came to Chapel Hill as a freshman and I swear I could smell the tear gas for months.


You were there in '68? Very cool!

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I'm an Obama Delegate from NC-4!

Woo Hoo! I got the third and final male delegate spot in a race among 55 contenders! I don't think we had any endorsement letters. At least, I didn't get an endorsements. I won via some good old grassroots campaigning.

I owe a giant tip of the hat to Lanya from Traction. She helped me determine my strategy, and she made sure that all of her peeps in Durham supported me. Thanks to Joe and PJ for their help too.

GFC, it was great to meet you yesterday, and thanks for the advice.

captsfufp, I'll see you there (and probably before)!

Great job, Graig

What are you running for next? Hint, hint.

delegation meeting

The entire national convention delegation will meet in New Bern immediately after adjournment of the State Convention for a business meeting.


Maybe there should be a viewing of the season 6 finale of "The West Wing" for the entire delegation to fully educate everyone on the convention process :)

More congrats!

Nice to meet you on Saturday and to have the opportunity to help elect you as a delegate! I would like credit for getting out the vote for you on the third row of the center section -- people were hemming-and-hawing about not having any idea who to elect or only knowing one or two of the candidates. So I convinced them ALL to include you in their vote :)

You get tons of credit!!!

I joked several times that day that it was a big popularity contest. So I really needed people like you to help boost my popularity.

Thanks so much. I promise to represent the 4th district well!


I fell 2 votes short myself....and was hyper all day from how close I came. I can imagine how thrilled you are!

Enjoy every minute of it!!

big representation from Cabarrus County in Denver

3 of the 6 national delegates elected yesterday at the 8th District convention are from Cabarrus County and are close friends of mine.
It's proof of how far the Cabarrus County Democrats have come in recent years, from being a totally disillusioned group of a few to a very vibrant Party with lots of volunteers that is getting closer and closer in overtaking local republicans in the amount of registered voters.
It also reminds me of the fact that I would have had a big change of being a delegate myself if my citizenship, which I applied for in May of last year, would have finally been approved already.
When I started "Cabarrus For Obama" in the beginning of this year I couldn't have imagined being able to turn that into a big group of hard working volunteers who ended up winning the Primary here by 4%. But that's exactly what happened, despite the fact that our demographics heavily favored Hillary Clinton.
I'm not jealous or envious of other people, just a bit disappointed that I'm not able to take My enthusiasm to Denver. Better luck next time?

We must have seen each other w/o knowing!

It was a great convention in Concord...except for the BBQ (too dry!), but I like my eastern BBQ, with some vinegar and spices, but I digress!

I saw you

You were the one guy chosen to be a Clinton delegate.
The female delegate, Barbara Sharpe is from Concord and a good friend of mine.
I was the guy wearing the Obama t-shirt and putting Obama lapel stickers on people.

(shivers down spine)

This is what I want...this is what I love...this will be the greatest political moment in my life up to this point...

P.S. I will not make any obvious comparisons b/t candidates who have "more delegates" and who won "the big states" b/c we all love one another right now...:) YEEEARGHHH!


Oh man - I love that show. I love that show!!

You are going to have such a good time!!

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I was a bridesmaid twice :(

I made it to the fifth ballot on the initial go around and then the third ballot (I think) for the alternate slot. I was the last non-Wake Co. candidate standing both times. I just couldn't get over about 35% of the vote. Bsically I was 6-2, but not good enough. At least that's better than 0-1 for county commissioner. :)

I hope you have a good time in Denver. It should be a blast and definately historic anyway you cut it.

Person County Democrats

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Oh, darn!

I was so sure you were meant for this!

Let's plan right now for 2012. We'll start the campaign now, and we'll be shoe-ins. They won't be able to stop us. ;-D

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Nice idea. But I am doubtful that anyone who's NOT from

Wake Co. will ever get a shot as a 13th district delegate. Wake is the 500 pound gorilla on our block. Besides 2012 should just be a rubber stamp convention for Obama's second term. :) (But I still wanna go!!)

Person County Democrats

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

Don't give up.

Start planning now. We're going.

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That sux.

I really wanted to hang out with you in Denver.
Sorry. We'll have to find something more local!

Hey Graig, congrats!! I want to hear all about it.

I anticpate needing some of those good Orange Co. volunteers for our neighborhood walks. We'll be talking.

Enjoy Denver. It will be a blast!!

Person County Democrats

I actively oppose gerrymandering. Do you?

redistricting in 2010 / 2012 DNC convention

It will be interesting to see how redistricting will go after the 2010 census. (and how that will shake up the 2012 delegate selection)


Congrats Phillip! You deserve a spot in Denver if for no other reason than all the ribbing you politely took from us Obama supporters during the LG campaign.

Dan Besse

Dan Besse