Randy’s Right’s Inconvenient Truth

We stood up and applauded recently when the Republicans took control of the House again, with the hope that it was going to make a real difference this time. While it is too soon to tell, the questions we must ask are: Did it change anything about our unsustainable debt and spending? Did it free us from an ever-growing enslavement by our own government through entitlements and forcing us to rely more on the Feds instead of our own labor?

The government has not been representing us for many years. It is forcing us to have no choice but rely on it. This was never the intent of our forefathers. It has turned into something of the exact opposite. Even with all the right, well-meaning, honest people in power, could they save our Republic today? Benjamin Franklin said “When the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”

The American colonists fought to rid themselves of an intrusive government they couldn’t control. Does it sound like we are finding ourselves in a similar situation today? The Socialists currently in power want us to believe all our problems are because of greedy capitalism. They know our republic must fall in order for them to usher in their full socialist agenda. From the 45 declared goals for the communist takeover of America, written in 1963, number 37 is: Infiltrate and gain control of big business.* Are we placing the blame rightfully for our economic woes or have we fallen into their propaganda?

OK, I’m going to place some hope in the newly elected congress, but I’m still going to cling to my guns and religion. As Benjamin Franklin said in 1776, “The Patriots must all hang together, or they would surely all hang separately.” Now this is what I call a real world “inconvenient truth”

Randy's Right aka
Randy Dye