Rachel Maddow on thinking big

Rachel Maddow gives a lesson in messaging in 30 seconds.

Hoover Dam speak for itself.

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I love this woman, but sadly, I do not believe we are a country that can think big any more. Our government is steadily being taken over by small-minded people whose vision is limited by their own self-interest.

It is a very impressive dam. It's the second hignest

dam in the country and the 18th highest in the world. It is an American Icon. The contract was for almost 49 million in 1931. That's about $656 million in 2010 dollars. It took political courage to invest in the future, when the economy was in trouble at the time. But that's exactly what they needed to do at the time.

We need leaders with that kind of political courage now.

While you don't have a tall structure to point to as a symbol, you do see signs of it. For example, the amount being invested in high speed rail is greater than the cost of the Hover dam in today's dollars, and could be more transformative than the Hover dam was for the nationwide economy.

AT&T proposed network of super high speed wireless covering 95% of Americans, is another example. In that case, it's the private sector.