Race Baiting Robin Hayes

"China is much more of a threat than an opportunity right now. You can never be tough enough on the Chinese." —Hayes

I'm sure that a consultant told him that his district wants to hear tough talk on trade, but this is just silly. Especially coming from a guy who five months ago was busy lashing China with a wet noodle.


You know...I think the cow's out of the barn

already on this one. The time to be tough on trade agreements was before most of your constituency lost their jobs to trade agreements. Now that the textile jobs have been replaced with jobs at Walmart, Robin Hayes is going to attack Walmart's chief supplier. Maybe Robin Hayes simply doesn't like the people living in the 8th to have jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.

Maybe he's just stupid?

I know the American electorate has a high level of tolerance for flat-out stupidity (see the White House). Maybe Hayes just isn't very smart. That could explain a lot.

Tough Guy

I don't see the race-baiting you mention, but I do see Hayes' desperation as he sees the writing on the wall. Hayes' record on keeping jobs in North Carolina went Bai bai with his CAFTA vote, and now he's trying to convince people he's tough on trade? Bollocks. The man's a walking contradiction.

Aside - I met Hayes once, and he told me that he'd moved his entire family to the north shore of Alaska. "You'd be amazed how people communicate when you remove all the distractions," he said to me. I don't know what drove this hypocritical opportunist in conservative's clothing to move his entire family to the edge of the world, but I'm guessing it wasn't because everything was going so well. What's hiding in Hayes' history, bloggers? What's the secret here?

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Agreed...Hayes knows he needs smoke and mirrors!

An aside about the Alaska move. Prior to that, in 1979-Robin Hayes ran his first bid for elective office, for a four year term on the Concord Board of Alderman. He ran a against my friend Margaret King, a local Sundrop bottler, who has since died. I was only 17 and thought I was important, because I was "in charge" of signs.....anyway I digress....Hayes wins by "buying" the election and I am NOT talking about thru advertising! Less than one year later resigns to move to Alaska.....his supporters were pissed-
we, however, were happy and wished he'd stayed there!

Yes, do tell




How did he buy the election? Why did he resign?

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I see that I created some interest!

Sorry, but I have been at work. You know I am thinking this was '77 and not '79, which makes me 15, not 17- but everything else previously posted is accurate. I am probably going to regret this......but what the hell I don't live there anymore. This was the first cycle of "non-partisan" races, after the democratic mayor and one council member won the '73 elections by less than ten votes each. Clearly that year however, Margaret was the Democrat and Hayes the Republican....in small towns, people KNOW.

As was custom at the time, candidates payed leaders in the black community for gas and meals for volunteers to get out the vote. Both gave black leaders their "expense" money. However, the weekend before the election Hayes asked for another meeting with the same people and pays way and above the amount that was normal. I do not know the amount, but I do know the people involved. Some are dead but one is not and I do not want to cause trouble for him/her. They are good people- who were swayed by Charlie Cannon's grandson- something akin to deity in Concord at the time. We had no clue about this until it Ward 4 votes came in and it was obvious SOMETHING had happened. Hayes barely squeaked out a victory, by sixty or eighty votes. I learned the truth, while I was in college (the first time) over beers with children of some of the people involved. Others have verified the same acount.

Hayes resigned for "personal" reasons. He was not effective on council and while people talked, no one expected his family to up and move to Alaska 3 or 4 months later. Rumours were rammpant, especially around the Country Club, but truly I don't know. Some insisted he was having marital problems. He said that he was moving to Alaska for "business" reasons.


He was alone with his family at the Arctic Circle. It certainly wasn't business in any traditional sense.

I'm guessing big family problems. Big Ones.

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That was the talk- there was also talk that he was feuding with his mother- who controlled the purse strings.