Question Art Pope live today at 3:00 pm

North Carolina mega-donor and rightwing cash machine Art Pope will be facing off against Chris Kromm of The Institute for Southern Studies (and publisher of this Sunday, January 15, at 3:00 PM for a 2-hour radio special on 106.1 FM, Raleigh. The show is hosted by Phyllis Coley and Gary Jones of Spectacular Magazine. You can call in questions to the show at 919-860-1061!


Let's have a bet on how many times Art sez

"To my knowledge" during the debate.

That's how he may have gotten away with perjuring himself in front of the State Board of Elections.

To my knowledge.

I'll only say this once

Chris wasn't the first person on the planet to discover Pope and his electioneering. BlueNC has been on Pope's ass for six years.

Just sayin'.

(Edited to not look like such a loser. Sorry guys. Bad day.)

James, I should have been

James, I should have been more clear that I was referring to the mainstream media dropping the ball in looking at Pope's money and agenda. You've definitely been ahead of the pack on this.

No worries

I'm just behaving like a first-grader.

You and Sue put this on the public agenda in a big way ... something neither I nor anyone else had been able to do for all the years Pope mounted his offensive on democracy.

For that, all of North Carolina is deeply in your debt.

I did get to hear a bit of the second half of the show. What was it like to sit in the same studio with the King of Retail and see his depravity in person? The level of rationalization was sickening.

Pope's first lie

Boy, that didn't take long. Bald-faced lying without even flinching. Too disgusting to go into. At least he didn't say "to my knowledge."

Democrat Party

"Democrat Party" is a political epithet used in the United States instead of "Democratic Party" when talking about the Democratic Party.[1] The term has been used in negative or hostile fashion by conservative commentators and members of the Republican Party in party platforms, partisan speeches and press releases since 1940.[2]

Hearing that wording a lot today.

Republic is also a noun

Republic is a noun that sounds a lot like Republican, we can probably just substitute that right? Greene is a noun, we can spell it that way when we meet Green Party right, or Liberty Party for Libertarian Party?

I think it's kind of silly when the talking heads on MSNBC refer to Mitt Romney as "Willard" too. I mean I sort of get it when it's pro-choice vs pro-life, or estate tax vs death tax, or something like that where it's framing an issue in terms of the philosophy you hold, but trying to slight each other over saying names wrong and then playing dense, I don't know about that.

Pope lies

about Variety Wholesaler store-location policies.

Poor Art Pope. He doesn't know anything about the racist agenda he's spending millions to promote.

Call and ask

Pope needs some more tap-dancing lessons.

Lying piece of sh/t

Art Pope:

"Only a few people don't have photo IDs already."

I guess if you consider tens of thousands of people to be "a few" then he's probably right. Must be a problem unique to people with more money than god. "A few dollars" = "A few million dollars."

Early voting attacks too

I hope they cover that too. Any single voting rights attack might not seem so bad after a few excuses, but when you include photo ID with attacks on early voting, on sunday voting, on pre-registration for young voters, and unfair redistricting, on public financing of campaigns, with the better ballot access bill not being passed, not releasing the HAVA funds, and all the rest, then those excuses start to fall apart.

Aside from that, who funded the legislators who put the marriage discrimination amendment on the ballot might be an interesting discussion too.

Pope can make all the excuses he wants

it doesn't change the fact that the politicians that his money put into office ran on job creation and they have done nothing but destroy jobs instead.

Gotta drop

Sorry for not being able to stay to document the slugfest.

My own view is that Pope more than held his own. He was well prepared with a line of AFP talking points that sound reasonable if you're willing to lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, and lie again. Of course, that's the M.O. for the Puppymaster. Reminds me of a person pissing on the carpet and then blaming some invisible person for the wet spot.

Bottom line: Pope is like Teflon, sprayed with a thousand coats of Pam. He'll shuck and jive till the cows come home ... and in the end, no one will really care that he's the man behind the curtain.

Time to shift our attention to fundraising and GOTV efforts with a full-court press for the next ten months. The only way to make Pope's influence irrelevant is to kick his ass at the polls.

Art Pope was on the right track

denouncing the midnight session but then lost it with "well the democrats did it".