Puppetmaster makes the Pilot

The Pilot (Southern Pines) has a nice backgrounder on the NCGOP pissing contest with Richard Morgan. They give special attention to Art "The Puppetmaster" Pope in his spending frenzy to purify the party he owns.

Art Pope, a longtime arch-enemy of Morgan and a former House member, has donated more than $100,000 — through his businesses — to a group running ads attacking Morgan. One of them uses a baseball theme that asks voters to “Call Him Out.”

Morgan has filed a complaint with the State Board of Elections, claiming that the money and advertisements are illegal because they name him. Morgan’s foes say the ads are from an issue-advocacy group, called the Republican Legislative Majority of North Carolina, which can accept corporate dollars as long as it doesn’t advocate for or against a specific candidate.

The nonpartisan group Democracy North Carolina has also asked the state elections board to put a stop to the campaign against Morgan.

I wonder why these guys are "longtime arch-enemies." No doubt the Puppetmaster didn't like it when Morgan cut the strings and started thinking for himself. Which also makes me wonder why Art Pope doesn't just run for the legislature again himself. I'm guessing his sleazy practices couldn't stand the light of day.