Public Financing of Elections

Nothing gets white old rich men like Art Pope more activated than the possibility that they can't continue to buy elections. And no group in North Carolina is working harder to put him out of business than Democracy North Carolina. Their director of development, Molly Beacham, visited our political salon this weekend and made a compelling case for change. And the good news is this: you can help make the change happen. It's as easy as checking a box on your tax return.

Now you have a chance to support fair elections and fair courts -- and it won't cost you anything. Please mark "Yes" on the new check-off box on the N.C. income-tax form, called the Public Campaign Financing Fund. The Fund supports a public financing option for candidates for N.C. Court of Appeals and N.C. Supreme Court, and it pays for a Voter Guide for those elections.

Now you can do something besides bitch about the destructive influence of guys like the Puppetmaster on North Carolina elections. So go ahead. Take the first step for Voter-Owned Elections.