"Progressive" orgs and sexual harassment


Not as mutually exclusive as we'd like to believe:

The problem is much bigger than FitzGibbon, progressives told Vox. "Trevor certainly isn't the only one in the progressive space who has done this to me or women I've known, and he won't be the last," Mary said.

"In more than a decade in the movement, I've never worked at a progressive organization or campaign where sexual harassment wasn't an issue of some kind," said one female progressive strategist who asked not to be named. "I think it's a lot harder for progressive organizations to create a space that's free from that than people think it is."

As both a male and a Progressive, I found myself questioning the conclusions reached in this article. Maybe it just "seems" like a bigger problem than it is, you know? But it could be that very thinking that encourages this kind of behavior. When you create an environment where "doing good" is the base assumption, you're also creating an extra layer of "cover" for a sexual predator/harasser. And when well-meaning outsiders pour money into that operation, they are unknowingly providing support for such disgusting behavior:

Still, FitzGibbon Media was huge in the professional progressive sphere; it represented clients like NARAL Pro-Choice America, AFL-CIO, the Center for American Progress, MoveOn, and Wikileaks. Its collapse has sparked a conversation on the left over how often putatively progressive workplaces end up hostile to their female employees, and why it's so hard for the women who work at those places to come forward.

And this is a conversation we need to continue. There needs to be an organization dedicated exclusively to vetting private-sector companies and non-profits that operate within the Progressive sphere, to make sure they have (effective) policies in place to protect employees from abuse and discrimination. And the leaders of foundations and unions and other non-profits and political campaigns should not spend one red cent until it's certain that money isn't going to a jackass like FitzGibbon.

That may sound complicated, but it really isn't. The Federal government vets their contractors and suppliers for this and many other things on an annual basis, and an abridged version of that could easily be developed. And if a company claiming to be "Progressive" doesn't want such scrutiny? Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.