Profiles in idiocy: Voting isn't important 'cause we already decided

Rucho is either really stupid or terminally arrogant:

Rucho didn’t seem fazed by it all, telling the News & Observer that Senate Republicans discuss controversial bills ahead of time and know how their members will vote so he was confident that the bill putting a lower cap on the state’s renewable energy would pass.

In Rucho's mind, "Committee" = "Committed." Apparently the meeting and the talking and the voting are non-essential aspects of the process, easily dispensed with if they threaten to slow things down. Maybe we should teach that in the new "Founding Fathers" required historical courses.



This also makes it convenient ....

... for individual Republicans to not take responsibility for their votes during a campaign, making it harder for an opponent to say that Candidate X voted for (or against) this thing or that.

Very convenient

The truth should come out when it gets a vote on the main floor. Every one of those Republicans that tried to vote "no" in committee and were thwarted by Rucho should vote against the bill, but we'll have to wait and see. If they have a shred of integrity, that is.