A primer for McCrory's re-election campaign

Many months ago, a good tactician should have implored Pat McCrory to do the following: don't be a disingenuous, reactive, frat boy, tail wagging, hypocrite. Instead, come out of the gate and remind North Carolinians why you should and did vote for me to be Governor of North Carolina. Remind North Carolinians that you are on the same page as members who overwhelmingly control the General Assembly; and are a majority of that majority from the rural backwoods of The Old North State. Then and only then, the current acrimony between the executive and legislative branches of government might appear more palatable.

In yesterday's edition of Talking About Politics, Carter Wrenn makes a case "Who Won?" as to why boys (and girls) that play together stay together, and the potential ramifications when they don't. Most, if not all Republican members of the House and Senate ran on a platform of screwing the state into abyss; and they were upfront and shameless in both promoting and guaranteeing that their plans would come to fruition. From voting rights to women's rights, the environment, the lottery, Medicaid expansion, unemployment insurance, education, fracking, taxation, teachers' and state employees' pay ad nauseum, the right wingers ran, and won on theme(s) of disengaging both human and economic morality and reality from the very ones that voted them into office. Now, some of those very same voters may feel like bloated, stinking carcasses; nailed to a piece of wood while fermenting under the hot, August sun. As Carter points out:

Since May, when the Governor sent his budget over to the Senate, he’d had to deal with one brouhaha after another.
The ole Bull Mooses had dumped his budget in the trash can, passed their own budget and sent it to the House.
The House then dumped the Senate budget in the trash can and passed its own budget.
The Senate then let fly telling the House it looked like the legislature would be in town till Christmas, figuring sometime between now and November Thom Tillis was going to decide to leave Raleigh to campaign against Kay Hagan.
Next the Governor said the Republican Senate leaders reminded him of Marc Basnight and Harry Reid – which bruised Phil Berger and Bob Rucho’s feelings – and added he’d veto any budget that raised teachers’ salaries more than 6%.

So while the current state of Republican controlled governance appears as dire as ever, at least a platform and eventual election on the basis of dysfunctional, unmitigated chaos appears intact. McCrory should be on board. And here's another thing the governor should do. Instead of frequently running to Mecklenburg, Catawba and other western North Carolina counties to rub elbows with like-minded ass kissers and apart from a majority of days to date where there has been no public agenda, McCrory should pull the state helicopter from ebay. Instead of visiting mostly urban areas of the state, fly to the far reaches such as Swain, Beaufort and Camden counties….perhaps Belhaven; and line up your backers. Tell them you misled them on your intentions as governor. Tell them that you should have been more forthright in how you and your cohorts in the legislature were going to pound them further into uncertainty. By now, everyone would be at home.


Prevaricating Pat

has proven that he has no principles, unless you count "above all, self-interest".

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014