A previously undiscovered quote from Helen Keller about teachers

My wife was digging through old family letters when she came across a newspaper clipping that had been saved by her mother, Florence Delano Brown. The clipping reported an event at the city auditorium in Lakeland, Florida, on February 25, 1942. The speaker at the event was Helen Keller.

Ms. Keller had much to say, and I will share more of her remarks later, but one specific comment caught my attention. It is a marvelous quotation I have not seen reported on any website or in any book.

"I feel that God has appointed teachers architects of American democracy."

These days it seems that our so-called leaders see teachers as pack-mules for narrow-minded political agendas, or worse. Would that they shared Ms. Keller's inspiring view of the role of public educators.


The better our children are taught,

the more they will understand just how f#$%ing stupid Republican policies are. Hence the reform where no reform is needed.