The Preddy Memorial Foundation is trying to have an air base named in honor of the Preddy brothers who gave their lives while flying combat in the P-51 Mustang during WW II. George is the world's top Mustang ace with 26 2/3 aerial victories to his official credit. He is NC's top ace, the sixth ranking Air Force ace, and the seventh highest American ace.

Congressman Howard Coble has recorded a short speech on the PMF web site ( asking for your support. You may sign the online petition on that site. And you may read about George & Bill Preddy, Greensboro natives. All Tarheels should take pride in their accomplishments but especially in George's records.

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Thanks Noahbjr

I have never heard of the Preddy brothers, but will take a look into this. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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Preddy Brothers---Preddy Air Base

George Preddy is the top P-51 ace in the world and from our home state of North Carolina. His aircraft named "Cripes-A-Mighty" is well recognized having several restored in the likes of his P-51. He is featured in museums in Europe as well as in the United States. Several major airports feature articles as well as the Mighty 8th museum in Savannah, Ga. George gave his life to his country on Christmas day, 1944 being shot down by friendly fire while chasing a German Me-109. The only other son to their parents, Bill, gave his life four months later. They both deserve to be honored by being from our great state in having Pope Airbase renamed in their honor. Then, maybe more people would know who they are and that they both were a product of North Carolina.

Thanks Eddie

I have had no time to do any research, so appreciate you bringing this information here. I'm ashamed to say I have no prior knowledge of the brothers and I was born and raised in North Carolina.

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Preddy brothers

Thanks for your comment. Please don't be ashamed, just help us (Preddy Memorial Foundation) spread the word. Please visit our web site if you would like to know more:

Joe Noah, their cousin