Pre-Friday Smooth Blogging

I'm going to toss out this video from Roxy Music (the title track from the CD Avalon). I first heard these guys back in the mid 80's and was hooked. Bryan Ferry was such a smooth cat, I thought that guy had women hanging all over him (little did I know at the time he was/is gay and that he didn't really care that much about women, JC I was a naive kid).

Having read Anglico's post about doing something, I went to Edwards' website and sent him an atta-boy (as I've never heard a peep from either Limber Liddy, Forrest Burr, or He Who Cannot Cast a Vote Correctly, I'll go small for a while). So now that I've done my good deed, enjoy this blast from the past.

Have a great Friday!



I've always had a soft spot for his music. Smooth stuff.