PPP: Wake County Transfer Tax Poll

You can see our full poll results here and a commentary from Public Policy Polling President Dean Debnam about what it means for future transfer tax referendums here. Here are partial numbers:

In order to pay for the costs of growth, would you support or oppose a tax of less than a half percent paid when a house or property is sold, called a transfer tax?

Support 49%
Oppose 40%
Don't know 11%

Another way to pay for the cost of growth is to raise property taxes every year. Would you prefer to pay for these new roads and schools by increasing property taxes or by a transfer tax on property sales?

Prefer Transfer Tax 59%
Prefer Property Tax Increase 20%
Don't know 22%

The bottom line of Dean's commentary?

"The transfer tax was doomed only by ineffective campaigning and message delivery...if voters thoroughly understand that the failure to pass a transfer tax will mean higher property tax increases for years to come, it can succeed."

Thanks BlueNC!


Wait a dang minute.

The propaganda information I read from the Realtor Ticks said they were representing the interests of North Carolina citizens in fighting the transfer tax. Somebody's lying.


Realtor Ticks= Egg-Sucking Dogs

Hey Tom

Thanks for this.