PPP: December Democratic Results

The December primary tracking poll results for the Democratic side are now available. Click here for complete results.

Here's a snapshot:

Perdue 41
Moore 32
Undecided 27

Lieutenant Governor:

Dalton 12
Smathers 10
Dellinger 8
Besse 6

Analysis of what the numbers for Governor and Lieutenant Governor mean here.


Clinton 31
Edwards 26
Obama 24

Analysis of the Presidential numbers here.

We also surveyed the US Senate, Treasurer, and Superintendent primaries. You can get those results here.


Thanks, Tom

I appreciate the numbers.

Robin Hayes lied. Nobody died, but thousands of folks lost their jobs.

Vote Democratic! The ass you save may be your own.


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A few things that really stood out to me

1. For President, the state is cut into 3 parts--Triad and Mountains for Edwards, Triangle and NE NC for Obama, Charlotte-SE NC for Clinton.

2. For LG: Dalton has near zero strength among younger voters and really high numbers for older voters. The others are more balanced.

3. For Treasurer: Cowell leads in Urban areas, Young in Rural areas.

looking at it objectivley and using your facts

1. This Does not bode well for Edwards the area you give him as a stength has the least amount of registered Democrats, if he is to win he will have to pick up votes in the other two candidates areas.

2. Older voters are far more likley to vote than younger ones, but this race has high undecides.

3. this one will be close and it is also high undecides.