A pound of Pope

For those who can stomach breathing the same air as Art "Puppetmaster" Pope, today is a good day to make your feelings known. This via email today:


THURSDAY, 12:00 PM at Doubletree Hotel-Raleigh

Raleigh – On Thursday, September 27, at 12:00 PM, Raleigh students and supporters of higher education will call out Americans for Prosperity chair and conservative North Carolina political donor Art Pope, the billionaire Koch Brothers, and other special interests who have threatened to spend more than $400 million on a “greed agenda” that will weaken America. Both Pope and the Koch Brothers have advocated for more tax breaks for the super-wealthy like themselves, while cutting needed protections and programs for middle class Americans.

Students and supporters will gather at the DoubleTree hotel to argue that the Pope and Kochs’ Greed Agenda has hurt Raleigh by supporting privatization of North Carolina schools.


Be prepared to kneel

in the magnificent glory of his imperial wizardry. Government in North Carolina has been sold to the highest bidder, and that bidder is Art Pope.

For UNC students, the servitude will be especially profitable. Art Pope's retail empire, Variety Wholesalers, is negotiating with students stores to make Family Dollar the official merchant on every campus. As long as all of the books you want to read were written by dead white guys, you'll be in good shape.