A potential bluing of Carteret county's red tide

I've kept up with Carteret county politics for many years and for the most part, it's always been the same tired story. While local municipalities have occasionally elected a sprinkling of Democrats to serve on governing bodies, both the county commission, as well as House and Senate districts, have historically remained Republican. The current crop of Carteret County Commissioners is stacked to the ceiling with Republicans. In 2008, NC House incumbent (district 13) Pat McElrath faced off against a liitle known name from "Down East" Carteret county. Barbara Garrity-Blake, from Gloucester, NC, really never had a chance. As a former commissioner on the North Carolina Marine Fisheries Commission, Garrity-Blake had little name recognition throughout the county, district or state. In 2010, Garrity-Blake attempted to unseat Jean Preston (district 2) in the NC Senate. A post on bluenc at the time, lent support for Garrity-Blake. And again, she never had a chance. With a PhD in anthropology from the University of Virginia, Garrity-Blake was, and continues to be, too intelligent for Carteret county voters. As a woman, Democrat, professor, researcher, musician and writer (notably Fish House Opera along with author Susan West), Garrity-Blake's ventures into statewide politics since 2008 and 2010 have remained absent. But that could potentially change. The voters of Carteret county tend to look at the letter behind a name as well as heed their decisions on what they are against, instead of what they are for. And time and time again, they have continued to sell out their hopes, dreams and desires, for little in return.

In today's online edition of the Carteret News Times, this article demonstrates how that "sell out" could change.

MOREHEAD CITY — Women have the numbers to turn the tide in the upcoming November election, but only if they get informed and hit the polls, according to Pat Orrange, chairman of N.C. Women Matter. “We can make a tremendous difference,” Ms. Orrange said as part of her keynote address Sunday at the League of Women Voters Women’s Equality Day celebration, honoring Morehead City Chief of Police Wrenn Johnson.

While Garrity-Blake continues to work behind the scenes in so many ways, many women in Carteret county and across North Carolina have had enough. A change maybe in the air.