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The State Bar shows no remorse

Ms. Wolfenden,

The State Bar will interview any witness it believes has information relevant to whether you properly wound down your law practice.

As a disbarred lawyer, you may not threaten legal action on behalf of a third party.

Katherine E. Jean
North Carolina State Bar
P.O. Box 25908
Raleigh, North Carolina 27611-5908
919) 828-4620 x 276
(919) 834-8156 (facsimile)

Ms. Jean:

You may have misunderstood my email. If the State Bar continues to embarrass, harass or invade the privacy of my former clients, the clients and I will take joint legal action against the State Bar.

Betsy J. Wolfenden

Betsy J. Wolfenden

"Joint legal action?"

Your understanding of torts rivals your understanding of the Rules of Professional Responsibility.

Oh, SNAP...

You are too funny. "...misunderstood..."? Really??? It seems pretty clear to me that you were practicing law or threatening to practice law on behalf of those people. I'm surprised you included the exact [assuming they are exact] words in your post since they read pretty clear.

The best part....any conversation you had with those folks after your Disbarment is not covered by attorney-client privilege.

Not to mention, these are all from YOUR email:
1.) ...the clients...[how about the PEOPLE]
2.) not informing the clients that they have the right not to divulge attorney-client privileged information. [says who? YOU? Did you provide them that information?]
3.) of my former clients....
4.) According to my client...[no, according to Mr./Mrs._________; you have no clients]
5.) Please be advised that if the State Bar does not immediately cease and desist from making unsolicited contact with my former clients, my clients and I will take legal action. Furthermore, I am requesting that you forward to me at the address below, any written material pertaining to the State Bar’s investigation of this former client or any other former client of mine.

You really sent a cease and desist letter to the State Bar? Call me crazy, but WOW!!!

I'm assuming "winding down" means making sure you closed up shop, turned over files and returned those people's money to them? I'd say that is probably a pretty good thing for the Bar to do for the public, regardless of the attorney.

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This seems so unlike you. Too bad you couldn't remove the comments!