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The Bar

seems more like a boy's club ... of, for, and by the fratty baggers who run the show in North Carolina. What are your options at this point?

Will you be penalized for making this sad saga public?

The Bar

My options are getting a temporary stay from the Court of Appeals or the NC Supreme Court, or, the federal court grants my motion to enjoin the State Bar from prosecuting me until my lawsuit against the State Bar has been resolved.


Betsy J. Wolfenden

This is what happens when you stand up

Most folks keep their head down and don't question why. When you stand up for the downtrodden, out of luck, helpless someone come along and slap you upside the head and ask you why did you do that?

Keep us informed how this turns out....

The essence of trade unionism is social uplift. The labor movement has been the haven for the dispossessed, the despised, the neglected, the downtrodden, the poor.--A. Phillip Randolph

RE: Attorney Betsy Wolfenden

I have been involved with Orange County District Court since 2006 in a child custody proceeding involving my daughter. I can confirm Ms. Wolfenden’s comments that some attorneys and judges act unprofessionally and unethically in Orange County District Court. I was finally was able to get my case transferred to Durham County on June 25, 2010 after Ms. Wolfenden argued my case in court. She also filed an emergency motion to protect my daughter. I have not been able to be heard on my emergency motion in Durham County because the clerks in Orange County refuse to transfer my file. Even though I was finally able to get out of the insanity in Orange County District Court, their incompetence continues to affect me and my daughter.

Ron Gambardella

Emily speaks out

I believe the North Carolina State Bar disbarred Betsy because they know I will not find another attorney in the State of North Carolina who has the courage to pick up where Betsy left off. The State Bar also knows that without Betsy, my case will be swept under the carpet and the corruption in Orange County District Court will continue.

I have no faith in a system that prosecutes people for standing up for what’s right. Betsy Wolfenden stood up for me knowing her law career was at stake. Betsy has dealt with slander and harassment from attorneys and judges in Orange Country District Court throughout the life of my case, but she never gave up. She promised me she would never stop fighting for me, but the North Carolina State Bar clearly had other plans for my case.

Emily McManaway

Betsy J. Wolfenden

Emily's story and how her attorney got disbarred???

Emily's story (according to Ms. Wolfenden's submission/version of the story, that is) sounds compelling unless there is truth in this Order (and the deposition, exhibits, testimony, etc.) that Emily, by and through counsel, offered the other parents the options of paying her $55,000 or $75,000 for Emily to agree to let her kid go either through a custody order or an adoption [See page 5 of this Order]. If Emily is/was so heart sick, would $55,000 or $75,000 be worth the heartache and misery that Emily says she now feels or has felt all along? Whether it is a settlement or "selling her child", it really detracts from her stated objective which is to get your child back.

I also find it odd that Emily (by and through Ms. Wolfenden's post) repeatedly call them "the Mormon couple", the "Mormon attorney", the "Mormoms", etc. Is it relevant to any of the discussion what religion they are? And is there some objective in exclaiming over and over again that they are, in fact, Mormons (by the way, I get it...they're Mormon); other then, my first thought, which was to somehow try to disparage or bring up any prejudice that the word "Mormon" may have on the reader. It almost seems that Emily is stating "Mormon" as if it has the same effect as "Devil Worshipper." And regardless of anyone's particular religious views about Mormonism, it just seems very, very odd that she is focused on that and does not take responsibility for her own action, inaction, or the actions that she allegedly allowed her attorney to take in offering to sell her child for somewhere in the neighborhood of $55,000-$75,000. I also don't see anywhere in her story where she refutes that she offered that amount of money to sell or consent to giving up her child.

Also, it seems that the Bar's Order makes mention of Emily's matter, but also covers a wide range of other cases, facts, incidents, and actions that have absolutely nothing to do with her case. So, I do not see the strong connection between "Emily's case" and the Bar having some covert or overt primary objective of "covering up" the case by disbarring her attorney.

By the way, in case Ms. Wolfenden wants disparage me or respond in a later post, I am NOT Mormon, have never been Mormon, do not intend to be a Mormon, am not married to a Mormon and have never been married to a Mormon.

Man up, Grizzly!

Who would bother to disparage you when you don't even have the courage to identify yourself?

Betsy J. Wolfenden

the better question is...

...who in their right mind would disparage (and give a medical diagnosis in one case) someone (actually hundreds of someones, based on your other voluminous allegations) without a shred of actual evidence?

Since you asked, and so I can enjoy reading it in one of your future motions, complaints or petitions, I am an android sent to earth by a great and almighty lord of the underworld for the sole purpose of posting to BlueNC. I am programmed not to tell you who paid for my travel here, but rest assured that there is no paper trail between my operator and any of those folks in Orange County. However, if you stand at the intersection of W. Martin Street and Fayetteville Street, wear an aluminum foil hat, lift your left leg and wave your right arm in a figure 8, you will be able to hear the transmissions between me and the mothership.

I'm just kidding, I'm the ghost of Amelia Earhart, but still not a Mormon.

It is, again, rather curious why you don't address the subject of the email, but rather that you didn't know who I was. Now you know, so how do you respond to the substance of the questions raised?

Grizzly Who?

Come on Grizzly, who are you? Sounds like you are one of the folks involved.

Dear Observer09...

....why the interrogation? You want an identity, but you hide your own? What gives? Aren't you really just the good Doctor in disguise?

Let's try this again. I am not, and have not been, involved in the good Doctor's problems, nor am I a Mormon. I am an avid reader and political-junkie. The good Doctor's diagnoses intrigued me until I realized she was full of (garbage), her postings were inaccurate and her documents did not support the facts she was posting as "the word of God". Then I logged in and started posting facts, documents and asking questions from the good Doctor. None of which, by the way, have been answered.

Maybe you can tell me whether Emily offered $55,000-$75,000 to sell her child and/or consent to the adoption/custody order.

Calm down Grizzly. You sure

Calm down Grizzly. You sure are touchy about this. Keep the claws in, you're proving my assumption.