Poll shows Senate, McCrory budgets have misplaced priorities

Originally posted at ydnc.org.

Funding a new Voter ID law is not as high of a priority for North Carolina voters as saving teacher assistants according to a Public Policy Polling poll commissioned by the Young Democrats of North Carolina.

63% of voters - including a 49% plurality of Republicans - would rather spend all of the money allocated for Voter ID on saving some teacher assistant positions. In addition, the poll finds voters would rather spend the money on maintaining early voting access (51%) than waste it on Voter ID (42%). That finding is interesting because the price tag for preserving early voting is less than that of Voter ID. Perhaps most importantly, the poll finds that 79% of Republicans oppose the proposed Senate revenue plan for upcoming budgets. Full results here.

"Republican proposals to spend money on Voter ID or shorten early voting to save money ignore the concerns of North Carolina voters," said YDNC President Sam Spencer. "At this critical time in North Carolina history, voters would rather invest in North Carolina's educators than waste money on problems invented by Republicans. General Assembly Republicans may have run on Voter ID and tax cuts for millionaires, but North Carolina voters care about maintaining our investment in education."

Founded in 1928, the Young Democrats of North Carolina (YDNC) is an organization for all registered Democrats under 36, including College Democrats and Teen Democrats. YDNC is one of the oldest political organizations in our state, and is the founding chapter of the Young Democrats of America. YDNC is the official youth auxiliary of the North Carolina Democratic Party. The survey of 500 North Carolina voters was conducted May 17-20, 2013 by Public Policy Polling for YDNC. Margin of error is +/- 4.4%.