A pocket veto in store for fracking?

A commenter last night voiced my own growing concerns about the fact that Governor Perdue has been mum on the NCGOP's toxic fracking plan. With that in mind, I offer this gentle nudge:

Either stand up like an adult and approve the piece of crap ... or veto it with extreme prejudice.

The idea that any governor would acquiesce in supporting a new law that is guaranteed to pollute North Carolina's ground water system so that a few rich assholes can get even more rich ... well that's just flat out sick.

Contact Governor Perdue here.

NOTE UPDATE: No such thing as pocket veto ... more like pocket approval.


There is no pocket veto for NC governors

She can 1) sign it into law; 2) veto it; 3) let it become law without her signature.

It will become law on midnight Sunday unless Perdue vetoes it.

Track pending bills on the Governor's desk here.

The fracking bill (S820) is here.

Veto procedures are outlined in Article 2, Section 22 of the NC Constitution here.

The relevant portion is below (emphasis mine).

(7) Time for action by Governor; reconvening of session. If any bill shall not be returned by the Governor within 10 days after it shall have been presented to him, the same shall be a law in like manner as if he had signed it, unless the General Assembly shall have adjourned:
(a) For more than 30 days jointly as provided under Section 20 of Article II of this Constitution; or
(b) Sine die
in which case it shall become a law unless, within 30 days after such adjournment, it is returned by the Governor with objections and veto message to that house in which it shall have originated. When the General Assembly has adjourned sine die or for more than 30 days jointly as provided under Section 20 of Article II of this Constitution, the Governor shall reconvene that session as provided by Section 5(11) of Article III of this Constitution for reconsideration of the bill, and if the Governor does not reconvene the session, the bill shall become law on the fortieth day after such adjournment. Notwithstanding the previous sentence, if the Governor prior to reconvening the session receives written requests dated no earlier than 30 days after such adjournment, signed by a majority of the members of each house that a reconvened session to reconsider vetoed legislation is unnecessary, the Governor shall not reconvene the session for that purpose and any legislation vetoed in accordance with this section after adjournment shall not become law.


Got it

No action = approval

Pretty much

No matter how the Governor's advisors frame it, not signing is the same thing as signing. The only way for Bev to truly oppose something is by using her Veto power.

Pocket Approval

IS the same as signing the bill.

Don't be a weasel, Governor - take a stand. Veto the fracking bill.

Perdue Vetos the Fracking Bill!

Breaking News: Gov. Bev Perdue announced Sunday that she has vetoed a controversial proposal to legalize fracking.


Hooray for the Governor!

She's got guts!

I just came back from NEPA where I buried an uncle who died from cancer. His wife died of cancer. His older sister died from cancer. My dad also has cancer.

There was something in the water back years ago. They didn't learn from those mistakes - they have fracking now.

No point in putting anything else into the water there or here!

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting