Please watch the First 15 seconds of this video.

If you hear nothing but the first twenty-five words out of Rusty Triebert's mouth during the entire 2010 election cycle, you will at least understand how high the stakes are for the American people at this moment in our history. I know that someone in Richard Burr's office has the job of watching these videos. I hope they'll pass this one along to the Senator.

Rusty is the guy that Richard Burr was reassuring in the fall of 2008 that everything would be alright with his bank, while simultaneously sending his wife to raid the ATM. I can guarantee you that Rusty would have appreciated the heads up. When his bank learned that Rusty's mortgage lender was foreclosing on his house, they froze his account, leaving him with eight dollars and thirty two cents to his name. Spottily employed since the end of 2008, he'll be working for the US Census for the next eight weeks. After that, he'll rejoin the 15 percent of Burke County residents currently competing for scarce local work.

We need a Senator who will move -- with urgency -- to reform of our financial system. In this video and in policies released today, Cal Cunningham outlines the steps he'll take to bring oversight to the system and some semblance of sanity back to the way these institutions impact our lives.

Cal will be answering questions about his financial reform policies in a live-blog at DailyKos today at noon. Please join him there, recommend and leave your questions and comments.


Great video

Great video ... and an all too familiar story. Thanks for the cross-post.

I liked those ideas expressed by Cal, and I would ....

offer another idea about correcting the financial mess. If we had a 'real' Attorney General, then maybe we could actually do something about the crooks running the show. What happened to the anti-trust push to break up these huge bank conglomerates like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, etc. This guy we have now(Holder) is a useful as a sack of rocks, and can join Gonzalez and Mukasey in the most useless AGs ever!

It's not a cross-post, James

Check the time stamp. You got it here first. ; )

I thought that Rusty's paean to American existentialism (am I my job? am I my house? am I what I make?) would resonate here... as would his message of compassion for those less fortunate than himself.

I own a house. You own a house. How secure are we? Can this happen to me?

What is our responsibility to each other? What do I do that effects your ability to live? Is it possible that we can help each other?

It's politics, but it's deep stuff -- and I'm deeply thankful to work for a man who considers these questions and listens to the people who ask them.


I'm sorry I can't front page all of the great stuff coming out of your campaign ... because then I'd also be front-paging all the stuff coming from your competitors ... and then there would be no front-page left over for those of us in the bleachers.


Nice work over at Kos today. It' looks like you just made the call to blast in there and boom ... off and running. I like that.

Would it make sense to program "drop ins" with other blogs? Some of the local blogs, in particular, have strong followings. In the old days, we'd call that a "key city" strategy. With the right technology, you could do that in between phone calls on the road.



I understand your commitment to fairness, James. And it is completely appreciated.

However, I do not think that by posting this video, which is truly an extraordinary, unique glimpse into the problems (of average North Carolinians) and policies (of one of our Democratic Senate candidates) means you have to post every other post that comes along the BlueNC radar.

You are the editor and know what a good post is and what should be front paged. Some things by Elaine deserve it, some dont. Some by Ken's supporters do, some don't. Same goes for Cal (and yes, I am a Cal supporter).

Just because someone from Cal's shop, for example, posts something of substance and it is quickly topped on the Recent Post chart by another campaign's post, just to subvert visibility, does not mean you have to post both, or neither or anything else that may show up on screen throughout the day.

Candidates can, and should, be talking about the issues they wish to focus on and in the way on which they think is best to communicate with voters. If something of substance is posted from any campaign or friend of a campaign, and you believe it is of essential value to your readers (as I believe this piece is), it should be front paged and given better visibility. If posts are just space fillers or blunting manuevers, they should not.

You have shown yourself to have excellent taste and true objectivity, despite your protested leanings towards Ken Lewis in the primary. Just because his campaign has not posted recently, doesn't mean the hard work by the Elaine and Cal camps should not be pushed out of some nod to "fairness." Let those who work hard, post frequently, speak to our audience and creatively advocate their positions get the space they deserve. This is not quid pro quo. It is a just, honest system of delivering information, proposals and initiatives to the committed, interested folks who spend time on this website.

You are doing a great job, as you have always done. But please know that the BlueNC community trusts you to have a judicious, insightful knowledge for what deserves front paging. Heck, it may help every campaign - Senate or otherwise - to raise the standards of their work and sharpen their message.

-- A liberal originally from Yadkin County. Did I just blow your mind?

Very deep

Big words paean and existentialism. who here had to look them up to try to understand what you are saying?

You said deep stuff and that it is. If I didn't know better, I would say you are advocating socialism. Is that your message? Helping others is admirable, of course. How far should the state go in that endeavor?

Not Socialism, just compassion

If I saw you playing a game in which the rules were stacked against your success, I'd argue that we need to take a look at how those rules were made, by whom and for whose benefit they were drawn.

Democrats have played this role historically. We step in when the rules get out of whack and try to make things fair again (or fair for the first time).

Right now is definitely one of those times.

Without effort

All games require effort. Fair does not mean taking away a requirement of effort.

I think many people that think like you do forget that.

I'm in complete agreement

Cal's Financial Reform Plan will help ensure that the best efforts of hard-working Americans are not swallowed up by the money-making efforts of the financial institutions we depend on.

Nice try

I am sure you understand i was talking about personal effort of course.

Here is something you may not want to see especialy the last line


You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
You cannot build character and courage by taking away people's initiative and independence.
You cannot help people permanently by doing for them, what they could and should do for themselves.

......Abraham Lincoln

Most of us can agree on those

when we get into the details of what they mean is when we start to disagree.

Nice Try 2

You cannot further the "brotherhood of man" by inciting class hatred*AL or a Cult Religious Brother with a Pagan Hard On

Ah the old male Orwellian Masonic Taliban Brotherhood quote that all men are equal, except that women are not equal as men before the law and humanity......

I will ask Foxy

When Foxy (hubby) gets back from his trip i will ask him where he got the picture to put in his photobucket account where i took it from. If it is a site you may be able to purchase it from there.

Thanks, Beth

I got the republican picture on email so had no clue where it came from. I googled and did get the democrat print as you suggested. Kind of expensive at almost $500 though for any size.


Tin Foiled Lady lectures J.Brady about Fascism and Socialism ?

You said deep stuff and that it is. If I didn't know better, I would say you are advocating socialism. Is that your message?*JBrady

Boy are you screw up Red State dude! It's not Socialism but econ 101 Fascism, and stop watching the Glenn Beck Loony TV show to get your Republican Tea Bag Orwellian terms in double Tin Foil Sara Palin Chillbilly talk..


I have the Democratic version of this print. It's called "True Blues." It can be ordered online. I bet if you google it you'll find both versions.