Please. STOP.

Last week I received a dozen or so fundraising emails and texts, several from newly elected officials. I'd hoped these emails would reflect a change in communications strategy from the tired old drumbeat, but that was not the case. What I got was worse than the same-old same-old: consultant-driven emails without the slightest evidence of donor awareness. Here are two examples:

Are you still with us? We need your gift before midnight in order to make our fourth quarter goal!

My fundraising team says we need $2700 more this week to hit our target.

If you're a candidate, an elected official, or a consultant, PLEASE STOP this nonsense. I don't care and have never cared about your arbitrary targets and end-of-quarter shortfalls. I know those numbers are pulled out of thin air and have zero relationship to reality. It's a stupid game and I don't want to play. Every time you communicate, you're digging the hole deeper.

If, on the other hand, you we're able to tell me what you're doing and why, I might be interested. If you could deliver even a hint of thoughtful messaging, I'd gladly help the cause. If you could say something -- anything -- that hasn't been watered down into nothing of significance, I'd just about drop my teeth.

But none of those things are happening. You're losing me.



Critical moment

Democrats and their consultants in North Carolina need to get their shit together or risk losing people like me (and younger) who are sick to death of this cookie-cutter crap.

It's beyond tiresome.

And it's not just NC Dems, I get e-mails from the DNC several times a day. Who apparently think I'm a teenage girl, hoping to "win" a signed poster of Joe Biden to gush over.