A playbook for winning from Bob Geary

Bob Geary at Indyweek lays out a plan of attack for 2014 and 2016. It's well thought through and right on the mark in my view. Getting it done is a whole nother thing.



Bob also wrote:

What the Democrats need is a populist candidate who can connect with regular people about jobs. Ideally, a younger Martin Nesbitt or folksier Janet Cowell. Josh Stein, perhaps.

A folksier Janet Cowell or a younger Martin Nesbitt? Those will be hard to come by. Of course there is another populist candidate in the mix. The guy is an ex-military entrepreneur and an independent Democrat, but he may be too outspoken to appeal to "regular" people.


How Does This Guy Rank...

...on the age and folksiness scales? :-)

Speaking for a lot of "regular people", I find his outspokenness quite appealing.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

Nothing about party-building?

Can anyone explain to me why it's always about CANDIDATES and raising money for their campaigns?

There's not a damned thing in Geary's piece about building up the Democratic Party from the precincts on up.

There is no way possible to have every single campaign create a volunteer army dedicated solely to getting out the vote solely for them.

And I sincerely hope that we'll have one single coordinated campaign for every candidate on the ballot from Kay Hagan on down to dog-catcher, and not one run by any one particular candidate.

We all know there will be a push to have a coordinated campaign run by Kay's people, or run mostly for her. Which will create the need for a coordinated campaign for the state House and Senate people, and one for the COS, and another for the judges. And of course the young people will be fighting and pushing for the few paying jobs in those campaigns.

And after the dust clears the day after the 2014 General Election, once again all we'll be left with is busted office furniture and a butt-load of printers or toner cartridges!

We really need to be thinking NOW of a 100 county strategy that meshes with GOTV for every race on the ballot. Otherwise we are looking at one big Charlie-Foxtrot wank-a-thon in 2014!

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

On the mark, but ....

The real wild card in the upcoming elections will be independents and more moderate Republicans - the people "taken in" by the moderate face that Pope and Company put on the candidates they were supporting for office - and the Dems and progressives that might not have turned out in the last election.

It turned out, of course, that these "nice faces" in ads and mailings were hiding extremist policies that even many Republicans find out of touch and too harsh. These voters might "sit on their hands" if they're not able to pull a lever for a Republican or might even vote for a Dem if they feel things are out of control in Raleigh.

There are some progressives, registered as independents, and Dems that sat out this last election cycle. Some progressives in particular were highly motivated to vote for Obama the first time around, but felt disappointed with him after his first term. They may be much more motivated this time around.

I don't think you can take turn out and motivation for granted - the results and maps of the last couple of cycles might tell you something, but each had a number of factors that made them unique.

If the Dems had a stats whiz like Nate Silver and a team of researchers to closely examine each county's voters, they'd be in a better position to figure out how to allocate resources.

If it does take ten years for the Dems to regain control of the legislature, it will really be far too late - it will take a decade to sort out the financial and constitutional mess left by just this one session. If the Republicans push harder on their agenda in the next couple of sessions, it will start to have an impact on NC's economy, education system, and business climate in ways that could take a generation to fix.

Geary falls into the old "winnable district" trap

Let's take a walk down memory lane and recall how the NC GOP took over in 2010...

They fielded candidates in ALL 50 Senate districts and 110 of 120 House districts.

Something about learning from history...


The fools running the Democratic Party campaigns in 2010 didn't even see the train coming.

Don't fall back into their old habits.


No unopposed seats

While I understand that demographics are hard to overcome, every single one of those districts contains thousands of Democrats. And they deserve a candidate to vote for. Don't know how much that will assist up-ballot races, but it can't hurt.

4 of the 7 seats on the NC Supreme Court are up in 2014

A majority (4 of 7 seats) on the NC Supreme Court will be elected in 2014. They serve 8-year terms.

There is no more important priority than to get every last person no matter where they live to vote in the judicial races in 2014.

Everyone in NC gets to vote for the NC Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. The legislature can't gerrymander those seats.

A majority on the NC Supreme Court from 2015 through 2022 is possible.

This is worth a separate post later, but I just wanted to emphasize that it doesn't matter where you live in NC in 2014, you better be voting all the way down the ballot.

Any strategy must include the 2014 judicial races in it.


You Got That Right

This is critically important. The GOP knew it, and that's why they got millions of dollars of outside money to make "tough but fair" banjo-playing commercials...without maintaining control of the court, their agenda was exposed (and Sam Ervin IV was a formidable candidate).

They'll be at it again, which means we have to do better.

"I will have a priority on building relationships with the minority caucus. I want to put substance behind those campaign speeches." -- Thom Tillis, Nov. 5, 2014

But the GOP did target districts!

And we also had gutted our 100-county partybuilding strategy effective June 2008. And we never really incorporated all the enthusiastic new volunteers into the Party to build it from their precincts on up, and then get out the vote for every Democrat on the ballot in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

I've got the memo from NCDP from June 2008, and somewhere I have pics of an Obama-mama with a GOP school board candidate sign in her front yard. It's all this independent BS thinking that has caused us to lose big after the 2008 election!

Chris Telesca
Wake County Verified Voting

Every Dem runs on this

Every Dem runs on this platform.

It is obvious that gerrymandering not only does a dis-service to the electorate, but in pushing candidates into extreme positions, does not really benefit either political party. Gerrymandering must go. I, the candidate, will propose that all redistricting be handed over to a non-partisan commission. (Which will include someone appointed by the League of Women Voters.) As soon as we can get this enacted into law, we will work to make it a part of our constitution. The people of North Carolina deserve fair representation and well as districts that truly reflect the electorate.

Legislative micro-managing of cities and municipalities stifles any incentive these entities may have to invest in their communities. We must guarantee that cities and counties can run themselves.

I, your candidate, want to permanently delegate to cities and counties:

1, the right to draw their own election districts, for county commissioners, city reps, and school boards. The legislature will not interfere unless there is malfeasance.

2. the right to permanent ownership of municipal services they create and pay for,

and, 3. to save time for both the state legislature and individual cities and counties, arrange that any right legislatively granted to any one city is thus automatically available to be used by another city, without a need for the legislature to enact a separate law for a second or third city making the same request. Thus, if Charlotte is granted the right to raise a tax to pay for public transportation, Raleigh can do the same without seeking NCGA approval. This is particularly important for taxing/fund raising authority.

These particular items appeal to citizens of all political persuasions and highlight the bad practices we have seen in the recent legislative session. This is what we run on.